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I am a 43 year old confined to a wheelchair. Not MND related

The money i raise goes straight back to Motor Neurone Disease Victoria.

Motor Neurone Disease has NO CURE or NO TREATMENT. It IS a death sentence.

In November 2015 a work colleague Jenny passed away with MND. Jenny is the main reason I am doing this. Jenny was a nurse at Barwon Health. I got to know jenny fairly well. Every year when flu vaccinations came around Jenny would always have a good chat with me and see how I was doing etc. Jenny unfortunately passed away after a 14 month battle with this horrible disease.

After i found out that Jenny had MND, i thought to myself "what is MND" so i did some research and i was horrified to learn there was no treatment or no cure.

I then said to myself "what can i do to try and help find a cure"
I am confined to a wheelchair. Not related to MND.
I decided to wheel 50km a month around my area, and try and raise money for MND Victoria.
I also have a facebook group Wheel 4 MND.

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