An Eagle Scout's "Welcome" to Spring Grove

By Troop 340 Scouts BSA

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My name is Landon Simecek, I am 13 years old and I am working on my rank of Eagle Scout. This is my Eagle Scout Service Project.

Currently in Spring Grove...

The current "Welcome to Spring Grove" Signs have become damaged with age and are now structurally weak.

But there is a solution

The modernization of these signs is my Eagle Scout Service Project. With your help, our volunteers can turn the "Welcome to Spring Grove" signs into this...

How you can help

With your help our volunteers and I can change our current signs into new, modern signs with strong structual support.

Through scouting, I've learned the value of citizenship. Some citizens can afford their time to aid their country. Some can aid financially. We have volunteers willing to give their time, but we need your financial support.

Every contribution will help and I would appreciate any donations greatly. If you are willing to contribute to this project, you can donate on this page, or you can send a check in the name of BSA Troop 340 to 3693 Cypress Dr., Spring Grove IL, 60081. In the memo line, please write "Landon Simecek's Eagle Project".

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