Wear Purple for Hospice

By Ipswich Hospice Care

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A little bit of context

We are a 7 bed palliative care facility offering end of life care, as well as bereavement support for both adults and children. We are an important service for the Ipswich and surrounding community.

But we need some help

We need your donations to help meet our annual running costs of $2 million or $750 per bed per day. Your donations have never been more important to help us to continue to deliver a high quality of care to the community of Ipswich.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

This year’s National Palliative Care Week (aka Hospice Week) will be held on 20th – 26th May 2018.

On Friday May 25th we want to turn Ipswich into a sea of purple! We encourage everyone to wear PURPLE for Hospice and tell their friends, family, and colleagues- as well as get their workplace and the kids school involved- let's make sure Ipswich is a sea of purple!

Remember this one day of public consciousness could help someone in a very difficult time in the future.... by simple virtue of knowing that such a great service exists!

You can join us

By wearing purple on May 25th and also making a small donation to help us continue to provide a vital service to the community! A donation as little as $10 can make a huge difference!

So we are asking you to wear purple on May 25th and make a small donation!

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