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  • When I asked Peter Gabriel and Youssou Ndour if I could use their song, ‘Shakin’ the Tree’, they gave me the copyright.
  • When I asked a group of friends and local musicians to record it, they gave me their time, talent and energy.
  • When I asked a local recording studio to help me mix the track, I was given a discount.
  • When I asked for help with the filming, Rachel Ambrose of Alamo films, gave me her crew.
  • When I ask you to help me raise the funds I need for Zawadi and the women she will support and inspire, I hope that you will want to help me too.


In most Tanzanian hospitals, one of the primary reasons for poor health care is the lack of functioning medical equipment.

Men account for 71% of workers in formal sectors of employment, and often less than a quarter of pupils in science classes are female

When I read this I knew what I had to do:

  1. Find a biomedical engineer trained in Tanzania.
  2. Use this opportunity to demonstrate that even though engineering is a predominantly male domain, women are equally capable and should be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

I asked Arusha Technical College’s head of Biomedical Engineering to shortlist his six best performing students due to graduate in January 2016 (three men, three women). Against all the predictions for women, Zawadi Bendera scored highest in her interview and three tough tests.

Zawadi is now a Maternity Africa team member, completing the additional training and work experience she needs to become a fully-qualified Maintenance Technician for Kivulini Maternity Centre. To date, she has exceeded expectations, for which we are very grateful, but to raise the funds, for her training, stipend and one year’s salary, I have created this crowdfunding appeal, which includes a short film about Zawadi and why Kivulini Maternity Centre needs her. Plus, the music video ‘Shakin’ the Tree’, which I hope you will find enjoyable and inspiring.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far and, hopefully, thank you for your contribution!

Babette Gallard

Construction Project Manager

Kivulini Maternity Centre

About Maternity Africa (MA)

MA is dedicated to making childbirth safe, and for the past five years the team has worked in a largely government funded hospital in Arusha, serving Masaai communities. In 2015, it was decided that in order to maintain quality standards in service delivery and training, MA would have to establish an independent facility. Kivulini Maternity Centre is the result, and MA’s goal is to oversee 10,000 clinic visits, 1,500 family planning consultations, 2,500 safe and healthy deliveries, surgical interventions for 150 women with birth injuries, and training for up to 60 local midwives, every year.

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