Historic Chance to Protect our Oceans!

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to this campaign. Thanks to your generous support we were able to raise $25,923!
We will be busy over the next few weeks to keep up the pressure on the ministers to #BanTheBag 
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My name is Rianti and I have been a diver for over 20 years, and in that time I've organised over 50 clean up dives. Litter is everywhere, and it's killing our oceans.
We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to ban plastic bags in the three remaining states: NSW, Victoria and WA. The Environment Ministers are meeting in the next few weeks, and they already have this crucial issue on their agenda. That's why I've teamed up with the Boomerang Alliance for a final stand - will you stand with the oceans today?

I started diving in 1995. When I had my daughters, I loved nothing more than to tell them about my adventures underwater - the beautiful reefs, the blue groper who followed me around with its funny eyes, the cuttlefish that changes colour. I make sure I leave out the bad stuff - like fish living in Coca Cola cans and plastic food packaging strewn on the reef. But when my daughter turned 8, she wanted to try scuba diving and her first dive lasted 20 minutes or so. She saw her favourite animal – a seahorse – but she also saw the reality, the plastic rubbish cluttering the sea floor.

To a sea turtle, a floating plastic bag looks just like a jellyfish. Many die as a result, literally starving on a 'full' stomach. Just last week, a fisherman saw a seal tangled in a bag near Port Phillip Bay. It could not move one of its flippers, restricting its ability to hunt for food.

I continue to organise regular clean up dives, but litter is everywhere and it’s out of control. With my second daughter turning 8 in November, and her turn to take her first breath underwater coming up, I knew I needed to take action to stop plastic pollution at its source.
I joined the Boomerang Alliance, because I believe that plastic bags should be banned once and for all across Australia. I want to ensure my children have a future that includes cleaner oceans.

You too can help ban plastic bags across Australia once and for all.

We urgently need to coordinate the amazing work of community groups around Australia to push this long standing campaign over the line, and I’m working with the Boomerang Alliance to make it happen.

With your help, we will mobilise and support over 60 allied groups (including Greenpeace, CleanUp Australia, Surfrider Foundation, Take 3, Sea Shepherd, etc.) to increase the pressure - lobby decision makers, send thousands of letters to the Premiers and elected representatives, flood their social media accounts, organise stalls and rallies and keep this issue in the media spotlight.


Our communities are ready. Our oceans cannot afford to wait any longer - we need coordinated action on single-use plastic bags.

Maybe I should have been honest with my daughters much earlier about the fate of our ocean, about the countless animals who have died as a direct result of our society's plastic rubbish. But I was so afraid they wouldn't love the rubbish-filled reality of the ocean.

I know if we work together, we can make this happen. And so even if my daughters continue to see the impacts of this pollution, I can tell them that Australia has banned plastic bags and there is hope. 

Stand with me and our oceans today to make our message even more powerful - as one united voice.

$20 can cover the cost of printing flyers for a day of action

$40 can facilitate a range of communications with our allies

$60 can allow us to text 800 supporters and ask them to urgently call decision makers

$150 can help us reach hundreds of thousands of people on social media

$250 can allow us to print a banner for a community event

$500 can pay for the rental of a sound system for a powerful rally

Together with your generous support, we can increase the pressure on our politicians to ban plastic bags.

NSW, Victoria and WA are about to decide the future of our oceans and its marvellous marine life. Please chip in today and let’s make sure they make the right decision before it’s too late!

Thank you so much for your support!

Rianti and the Boomerang team




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