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In the middle of Ocean Shores there is a beautiful, spacious park by a lake, just perfect for a playground.

2 years ago, a few locals got together to see how the community could plan and create its very first decent playground. We called it the “Waterlily Community Playscape”.

This is what some of them said when asked,

"Why did you get involved in the Waterlily Playscape project?"

I would love a fun nature based play space for the many local children to explore and a lovely meeting space for the entire community” - Josie

Oceans Shores deserves a great place to play and enhance the spirit of its community- Simon

I want my 9 year old to enjoy climbing challenging equipment” - Jason

The local kids have been without a playground for too long ... I'm looking forward to them enjoying themselves and laughing often!” - Stan, bus driver

So, a committee was formed, consultations with students from 4 local schools held, a concept design planned, grant proposals submitted and locals started following the project onsite and online.

Thankfully the project succedded to win some grants. The grants allowed for a new basket swing and some great play equipment set which has just been installed. Go to Waterlily park and have a play with stage 1 - it's ready!

We have plenty more plans for this wonderful playscape, but the grants funds have been exhausted. So the community is now raising funds to build stage 2 of the project which includes a shade sail, a tree house, a fairy storytelling chair and a flying fox. Have a look at the map to see where they fit in.

Stage 2 will cost $50K, and this why we are running this campaign.

Our Community needs your help to reach this target!


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We are sure you will love contributing to this amazing project, for the wonderful benefit it brings to our community. We hope you will tell your friends about it too and encourage them to contribute.

Read more about Sponsoring & contact us to discuss the details :)

Thank you for supporting

Waterlily Community Playscape!



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