Wash Against Waste: The Next Generation

By Mount Alexander Sustainability Group

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A little bit of context

The Wash Against Waste Trailer is the flagship of the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group's Zero Net Emissions target. The first of its kind, it was built in 2010 to provide a self-contained and mobile unit to service public events. Over the years the trailer has created a legacy as a successful and practical tool to significantly reduce waste at events.

It is solar powered with built in hot water heating and grey water outlets. Food waste is collected for compost. The trailer kit provides reusable crockery and cutlery items which are washed and sanitised on site.

It is estimated that the trailer saves enough CO2 emissions per day to equal travelling from Canberra to Brisbane in an average car.

But there’s a problem

The Wash Against Waste Trailer does not have enough licensed operators or volunteers to meet requirements which is restricting its use.

Also, not enough people in the community know about the trailer and its contribution towards reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We will address the staffing shortages by negotiating with regional Councils to provide broader licensed operator training, in turn creating paid work on the trailer.

A handbook will also be developed, discussing trailer set-up/pack-up and volunteer engagement.

MASG will develop an education kit in consultation with local primary schools. Using the Wash Against Waste Trailer as one example, the kit will include information for both schools and community groups on water use, waste reduction, compost and grey water processes as well as providing an introduction to solar and renewable energy.

The ultimate goal for MASG is to be able to make the Wash Against Waste Trailer Service a self-sufficient social enterprise. The education kit will be developed in such a way that it will act as a blueprint for local governments to access and replicate.

You can join us

You can join us by donating to help turn this project into reality. We need to raise a maximum of $30,000 ($10,000 will get the project started) to:

- Develop an education kit and handbook

- Deliver licensed operator training sessions

- Promote the trailer to communities in Central Victoria and beyond

If you donate, you'll be helping to reduce waste at events and contributing to MASG's Zero Net Emissions target. You'll also be helping to educate the next generation.

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