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What we're so excited about...

Something wonderful is happening in Warner, New Hampshire, and we want to share it with you! With your help we are creating Warner Public Market, which will serve as an inclusive space that connects people with local farmers and makers so you can find fresh, healthy food, sustainably sourced goods and art for you and your family. By establishing this space we can all work together to bolster small-scale growers, artists and craftspeople.

The seed for Warner Public Market was planted in 2017 over potluck dinners among farmers, artists and friends. Through many discussions and in speaking with people from the area, we have identified the things we yearn to see in Warner Village.

We will combine our energy and visions to create a central, public space where everyone feels at home, can access good healthy food, simple natural products as well as art and crafts. We can’t wait to offer workshops and events to learn new skills, encourage curiosity, expand artistic horizons and spend time together. We will offer opportunities to build connections through food and art, while exploring and discovering themes like cooking, permaculture, fabric dying, zine making, food preservation and much, much more. Through all of this we aim to expand the way we support one another.

Let's get deep for a second...

The world can feel like an overwhelming place at times with mounting environmental and social challenges that people everywhere are beginning to recognize and experience. It can be difficult to find ways to be a part of improving our complicated and layered society. The current food system, an essential part of our everyday lives, is a big piece of the puzzle and a place where our dollars can have far reaching, direct and multifaceted impact. Remembering the importance of what we eat, make and share together, we can draw upon our deep artistic and agricultural roots. Working together and partnering with family farms and craftspeople to create a resource such as Warner Public Market is an essential part of building a flourishing and diverse local economy. These efforts are needed now as much as ever!

Can't get there from here...

While there is a shared vision, space, community support, and some financial backing, we don't have all the start-up capital needed to get this venture off the ground. Please consider donating what you can to make Warner Public Market a reality.

We need to raise $25,000 to make renovations to the building and equip it with everything needed to bring you all that Warner Public Market can be!

With your help we will:

  • Upgrade the electrical service and wiring
  • Acquire freezers, coolers and other fixtures
  • Restore the tin ceiling
  • Build displays, seating and cafe area
  • Purchase a point of sale system
  • Create a commercial kitchen space
  • Obtain necessary licenses and permits
  • Install a timber frame awning to protect and enhance the facade

We would like to create an inviting area for folks to hang out, meet old friends and make new ones. We plan to create a multi-use environment to host workshops, intimate cultural gatherings and delicious community suppers.

You can be a Warner Public Market Member!

Every donation counts and in a big way - it takes a village to get things done! Donation perks include locally printed, upcycled material t-shirts and tote bags made by Circular Blu and workshop vouchers. Donations of $250 or more earn you membership at Warner Public Market which will also include discounts and free workshops.

While there are resources aplenty out in the wide world for gaining new skills and knowledge, there is still nothing quite like gathering together with a group of people to struggle, strive, and succeed in learning something new together. Future workshops at Warner Public Market may include, but are not limited to: fermentation, theater and performance, handbuilding with clay, crocheting, dance, singing, foraging and natural dying, block printing, natural building, seeding, poetry, needle-felting, and beyond! Grab yer membership and get ready to roll your sleeves up!

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