Blankets for Winter - Warm up African Communities!

By Nourish NPO

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A little bit of context

Nourish has been working in the rural communities around the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa for the past 9 years focusing on connecting communities to conservation, and growing community resilience. True resilience comes from access to the basic rights of life, food, water, healthcare, education, and love. Our holistic projects are all interlinked and look at sustainable solutions including a 'people first' conservation approach, sustainable farming, inclusive tourism and cultural upliftment programs. Our pre-school, aftercare, literacy program and feeding scheme support children where its most needed.

But there’s a problem

The Covid-19 Pandemic in South Africa has all preschools, schools and feeding programs closed, and access to funding from tourism all but dried up. This leaves many NGO's vulnerable without funding and already vulnerable children, even more vulnerable as they are now at home with unemployed parents and little access to food security. With winter looming, Nourish runs its food security program to deliver staple food projects and vegetables to keep children and communities healthy; but as the days grow colder and colder, and winter looms, many families lack funds to even buy extra blankets, to stay WARM. Staying warm in winter would help avoid getting the flu, or a cold... something that could be the difference between life and death.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Nourish will be buying fleece and making blankets to distribute to the children and at community members, including vulnerable families impacted severely by lack of income and the elderly. The need in our community is huge, but Nourish will endeavour to keep making and distributing blankets deep into the rural villages around Acorhoek to keep people warm, ( and perhaps a little more resilient ) this Winter season. We will also be looking for wool, beanies, scarves and jackets/hoodies. Any little thing to keep the chill away, and keep someone that little bit warmer in a tough time.

You can join us

Our initial target is to make and distribute 2660 blankets! ( although if we can wash, rinse and repeat the process and fundraise more and distribute more thats a win! The population of vulnerable and needy in the community keeps growing, so we can really make a huge impact if we keep going)

Our goal is $ 8 000 to allow us to make and distribute these 2 660 warm fleecy blankets. You can help by sponsoring as little as 3$ for a blanket and sharing this campaign with friends and family and challenging them to do the same, or by starting your own fundraiser and raising for a few blankets, beanies or winter warming woolies!

As you snuggle into your warm home or blanket, realise some people dont have that luxury, and if you can help us do something about it; thank you!

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

We will keep you posted with our progress through short video clips, and photos from our team in the field... working each day to help the vulnerable communities grow a little more resilient. You can also enjoy being part of our team by connecting through social media!

Help us Warm up African Communities!

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