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Winning a YES vote

The Equality Campaign is working to win a YES vote in the postal survey, to give every Australian the same opportunity to marry the person they love.

We know the majority of Australians support making marriage equality a reality – it is now a matter of reminding them to vote. We're running a huge campaign to get YES supporters across the country to post their YES votes.

Recently, we aired one of our ads on the finale of The Bachelor, urging people to vote YES. We received a wonderful response. Now we need your help to get that and other ads back on people's screens.

Let's keep the YES message on air 

Placing ads is not cheap. Those against equality are digging deep, with some reports saying they are outspending us five to one

We want to run this ad in as many places as possible – on mobile devices, social media, websites, cinema, televisions, and more. That's why we're asking supporters of marriage equality to help us keep the ad on the air. 

What we'll use the funds for

To be effective, we need $100,000 for this national push. The funds will be spent on placing our YES advertisements, primarily The Bachelor ad, across the country.

This is an ambitious goal, but we're going to need to be ambitious to win a YES vote. Now is the time for us to remind YES supporters that they have to post their YES votes. 

Authorised by A. Greenwich, 6 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW 2000, for the Equality Campaign


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Get the YES ad back on screens

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