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In January of this year we began collecting funds to repair our organizational car, as at now thanks to the over 20 gnereous donors we now have $1,000 saved to repair our car. Unfortunately that is not enough to begin repairing our car, however we only need $500 to begin repairs (purchase the replacement engine). Then we will need $500 to pay the mechanic. Finally we may have some miscilaneous repairs to make such as the tires, or head lights which we estimate will cost $500.

Again so many thanks to everyone who enables us to do our grass-roots development work and please contribute $5 to enable us to rescue children out of slavery and so much more!

What we do

Volta Revival Foundation provides life saving aid and education to communities in Ghana. We focus on sponsoring the education and well-being of child survivors of slavery particularly in the fishing and domestic forced labor industries we call this project Trafficked2School because we take children out of forced labor and bring them back to school. As a part of this project we sponsor the education and welfare of 18 child survivors of labor slavery, provide education to communities to change the mindset about forced child labor, and engage in interventions to bring children out of slavery and back into school.

We also engage in providing clean water to schools and communities (provided clean water to over 1,000 people), advocate for community rights and just societies, environmental work (tree planting, ocean and river cleaning, turtle protection), work with many local NGO's and government offices, and run cultural and archiving projects to preserve history.

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But there’s a problem

Since May 2019 our organizational car a 2008 Nissan x-trail is in disrepair- the engine is shot- and we need the car so that we can bring all of our students to the better school. We also need the car so that we can reach remote communities to educate them about how to stop child trafficking and bring our children back to school.

How you can help

We need to raise $4000 to completely fix our car so that our life saving work can continue, and most importantly so that our sponsored students can have the best possible future, and become the human rights advocates and innovators that Ghana needs.

With your help we know we can raise the funds to make this happen, because together we make a difference!

By supporting us

By supporting us to fix our car you will be contributing to a sustainable non profit organization, and we appreciate your help so much that we would like to offer you a discount to volunteer with us: for one month of living at our volunteer house it is usually $250, but for you as a donor we will reduce it to $180 a month to come and have accommodations in Ada Ghana while volunteering with the Volta Revival Foundation!

More about the Volta Revival Foundation

Currently we sponsor the education of 18 student survivors and provide them everything they need to succeed including: school fees, clothing, school supplies, books, family aid (water purifiers, solar lights, bicycles), health care, hygiene kits, food supplies, and spending money in some circumstances. Recently we were able to enroll most of our students in a high performing school where we belive they will thrive, however about 6 of our students cannot attend the new school due to the distance between their village and the school. For those 6 students their current school is the lowest performing in the district, and we know that if we can't move them, their chance of success in high school and university are halved.

Additionally, we provide education to communities with high rate fo child trafficking, to inform them about the evils of slavery, and methods of reporting child disappearances. We also work directly with the government and schools to begin a monitoring project so that we are able to track child disappearances from school.

We need our car to be working in order to do all of this which is why we are reaching out to you in hopes that you or someone you know may be able to help.

Many thanks and blessings in advance.

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