Voices in Action: End The Culture of Sex Abuse

By Voices in ACtion

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In 2017, the viral #MeToo movement created a cultural paradigm shift.

Voices in Action was created by original Silence Breakers in the aftermath of the #MeToo Movement, sparked by the investigative reports that exposed the alleged sexual perditions, bullying, stalking, and rape acts of Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein. As dozens of his victims came forward, dozens more followed until, by 2020, more than 100 individual accusations have been brought against him. It didn’t stop with Weinstein. The scandal started an avalanche which exposed the longstanding but undiscussed epidemic of sexual misconduct, abuse, and power manipulation by industry leaders that has shown to be largely covered up or completely ignored. This scandal brought stories to the surface, far beyond the entertainment industry, exposing an epidemic of sexual abuse in the workplace and in personal lives of women and men across the country and the globe.

Voices from every corner of the world came together to share their stories and reclaim the narratives of their own lives. Suddenly, survivors everywhere realized that we are not alone and we began supporting and elevating each other. Together, we realized there is unlimited strength in numbers and when we stand and work together, there is nothing we can't accomplish: Today, in 2020, we are proud to see the conviction of rapist Harvey Weinstein. 

Together, we made that happen. 


But this is just the beginning. 

A lot has changed in under three years. But the truth is that there is still so much that needs to be done to address the root of the problem anda actually change the culture of abuse.

Now is the time to move on this momentum. Despite the progress that has been made, the systemic issues that places blame and shame on survivors and protects the abusers still exists. 

Voices in Action puts survivors first. 

Voices in Action works through three separate programs: prevention technology, protection technology and services, and survivor support services. Each of these programs works to address the epidemic of sex abuse at the root cause with tangible solutions based in research.

Our goal is to create a culture that protects workers by preventing incidents of sexual abuse from happening in the first place, maintains internal transparency around incidents when they occur while protecting the survivor, holds abusers accountable for their actions, and provides meaningful support for victims who have suffered from indescretions.

We have developed a holistic system of services that not only provides comprehensive and ongoing support services, educational and awareness programs, and mentorships for survivors, but also works to change and reform the culture of sex abuse by providing prevention and protection services to stop the problem before it starts. This includes: 


Our private, online reporting system allows individuals to detail and document incidents of misconduct to timestamp and save for if or when they feel ready and safe to come forward. 


Studies show abusers are often repeat offenders. Our system sends optional alerts to individuals whose perpetrator has been named by another individual. 


We bring 21st century technology solutions to the table to develop groundbreaking means of protection for workers that is aimed at preventing incidents of sexual abuse and misconduct from happening in the first place.


Victims of abuse can receive a free consultation with trauma-informed legal counsel who can let them know what their options are, what the steps are in coming forward, what they're facing, in a way that can help make them feel supported, safe, and believed. 


As survivors, we know the journey of healing doesn’t end after we report. It’s only the beginning. We stand with survivors through the entire process by providing free or affordable easy-access support groups, self-care workshops, eduational book clubs, and more. 


Not everyone has access to therapy or professional help. Voices in Action provides a mentorship program to help guide survivors who are struggling to understand their next steps and goals in moving forward. 


We need your help!

Help us continue developing our innovative services to turn this industry on its head: 

Your gift of: 

$25 pays for one survivor to participate in interactive and theraputic trauma-informed services like yoga, meditation, or self-care support groups. 

$40 provides one survivor with two sessions of mentorship. 

$50 pays for administration fees that match survivors with free legal counsel. 

$75 helps us cover marketing and social media fees for one month. 

$100 goes toward helping us maintain our website and database for one month. 

$150 goes toward the development of a mobile app. 

$200 helps us cover iron-clad security and privacy costs for one month.

$300 helps the development of our innovative anti-sexual harassment virtual reality training, launching in 2020. 

$600 gets you two VIP tickets to our 2020 Fundraiser Event!

$1,500 gets you an MVP table at our 2020 Fundraiser Event!

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