Veronica Sherman goes to Bangladesh & India

By Happily Made

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A little bit of context

I have spent the past 8 years generating jobs for marginalised women in Cambodia. It's been a total learning curve for me since I never set out to start a business as such...I just wanted to make a difference and not feel so helpless with the poverty that was all around me.

Ethical jobs for women in India & Bangladesh

Clearly a lot of us feel the same way and more often than not we are paralyzed by the problem instead of seeing how we can contribute to the solution. We underestimate the change we can create in developing countries by supporting their ethical production.

Here’s what I'm doing about it

I've had a strong desire for a few years now to find already established community groups that have the skills that are needed to create more ethical products.

I want to make it easier to support women (and the few men) who are working their way out of poverty. The key is having a well made product that those of us living over here want to buy for ourselves and our friends.

It's so important for me to meet with the community group and see for myself that everything lines up with integrity.

You can join me

As I've learnt the hard way...these new products always cost more to create than I realise. If I had gone to business school I'm sure the first week someone would have mentioned hidden costs.

I am leaving April 9th from Melbourne and will do a whirlwind trip to Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh). I've lined up 3 different groups to meet with there and will also brave the local markets in search of beautiful recycled fabric. I will then fly to Jaipur (with a layover in Delhi & Calcutta) where I will meet with the workshop that have been making my bamboo baby blankets. I want to be there for the next round of designs and see what is possible with their incredible carving skills. I will then return home to suburbia April 19th.

If you want to stay up to date with my adventure there will be plenty of photos & stories here:

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting my adventure. Everyone wins!

All perks are from my current or new range of goodies. Everything is handmade, ethical, vegan & a perfect gift for someone you love...or to keep for yourself. If you want to have a look at the full range, head over here:

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