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What's it all about?

Veganuary is a charity that inspires people to try vegan for the month of January and throughout the rest of the year. We provide all the support and resources needed to give vegan a go – and since 2014 over 250,000 people have taken the 31 day Veganuary pledge.

As a result, we’ve been able to transform people’s lives, tackle climate change and spare the lives of millions of animals.

However, over 56 billion animals are farmed and killed for food every year, causing horrific suffering. We've got a long way to go in fighting this injustice.

And although we have reached an amazing number of people with our message, the vast majority come from English-speaking countries – especially the USA and UK.

But a vegan lifestyle is something that everyone can benefit from and should have the opportunity to try! So we want to reach out to more people – including in countries where English isn't a first language.

Here’s what we’re planning to do

We're trying to raise £15,000 so that we can launch the Veganuary pledge in as many different countries and languages as possible.

We're aiming for countries where we can make the biggest difference for people, animals and the planet. Places like Brazil, India and China.

We want to embrace cultural differences and make sure that we’re talking to people in a way that is relevant for them. What works well in the Australia might not work quite so well in Portugal, and vice versa.

The plan is to partner with other non-profits and vegan advocates who will be able to translate our campaign and support resources into their language. They'll also be able to create inspiring content for their local audience.

How will the money be used?

To make it happen, we need to build websites for each country, so that people can find the information they need – such as recipes, meal plans, nutrition advice – and take the 31 day Veganuary pledge.

We also need to pay for freelance designers to help us bring the campaign to life. And – here’s the boring bit! – we need to pay for legal advice to ensure we’re getting all the nuts and bolts of the project right.

We need to pay for someone to coordinate all this work too! And finally, we'll need some funds so they can travel to meet with partners to plan and launch the global campaign – so that we can make Veganuary 2019 the biggest and best ever!

Can you help us get there with a donation today? You’ll help us reach more people, create more vegans, and save more animals’ lives!

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