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By Sheffield Animal Action

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Sheffield Animal Action is a non-profit, vegan advocacy group. Through education, peaceful demonstrations and protests we aim to spread the positive message of veganism.

We hold regular vegan outreach stalls in Sheffield city centre in which we educate the public on the horrors of the meat and dairy industry and show them a more peaceful way of living, hence why we call these events ‘Awakening Compassion’. We also often hold ‘Chalk n Talk’ events where we write positive vegan messages and create thought-provoking artwork, whilst handing out leaflets.

We also support other animal rights groups in Sheffield, and hope to create a network of activists in Sheffield all working to achieve equality for animals.

To carry out our vital work we rely solely on the generous time and monetary donations of our activists, many of whom not only give up their weekends to make our events happen but also their money to buy food and equipment for them. Donations will also be used to keep us supplied with leaflets, chalk and equipment to carry out our events. We would also like to buy some more advanced equipment for showing the general public footage from slaughterhouses, for example VR headsets or a projector and a big screen.

Any donation, however big or small, is greatly appreciated and will go directly towards spreading the vegan message. Thank you for reading this and please give what you can.

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