Vahombey Project: Help build a library in Bekitro, Madagascar

By Jullian Androkae

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A little bit of context

7 out of 10 Malagasy people live in rural areas and 64% of the population is under 25 years old. This means that most of tomorrow's population will come out of these groups. Bekitro is a village in the southern region of Androy, as well as the village I come from. 

But there’s a problem

The current public education system is broken - adapted from colonial French education with minor changes - making a good education an extremely luxurious privilege for Malagasy children. This public system is the only option for children in rural areas, vastly limiting their knowledge, skills, and mindsets. This makes breaking the poverty cycle the great majority faces and keeps Malagasy people from pushing for the development of their own society.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We are bringing an alternative to the people in those rural areas, with electronic libraries providing both literary products and educational material for all. We're starting small - with Bekitro - as this is a student-led initiative, and are hoping to provide the village with over 3000 books, as well as many computers and tablets to develop IT related skills and explore Internet resources. We wish to hold regular activities teaching locals new skills as well as expanding general knowledge with workshops and movie screenings.

You can join us

We received an initial grant of $1000 from the GoMakeADifference foundation, but need a lot more in order to take this project to term. We need donations to help us buy quality books and ebooks, buy and maintain equipment and pay for transportation expenses towards Bekitro. With a donation of just 5 dollars, we can buy 3 great books locally!

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Pictures of results from phase 1:

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Team Members

Jullian Androkae

Andreea Coscai

Eugene Virginie Rasoamanarivo

Rosalie Miliarijaonah