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UWC Iraq National Committee

The United World College Iraqi National Committee was formed to select Iraqi students and raise scholarships to the various United World Colleges Worldwide.

The National Committee conducted selections this year and selected 13 students. Some of these students are refugees and displaced people. Scholarship funds have been found for all 13 students, however we are still short of funds to buy tickets, winter clothes and all the other odds and ends that students (16-18) need in a new country. Several selected scholars have been affected by war and we count on you to help us out.

This page is primarily for people and alumni (and family and friends) familiar with the United World Colleges, so if you have come across it randomly and have more questions please email us. Those familiar with the United World Colleges will understand the exact need for this appeal.

Italian version

Ci siamo ed abbiamo bisogno di aiuto!!
13 studentesse e studenti iracheni da tutto il paese andranno in 8 Collegi del Mondo Unito. Con molto orgoglio siamo riusciti a trovare borse di studio per tutte e tutti.
Ma abbiamo bisogno di donazioni per alcune spese di sostegno. Molti sono rifugiati o sfollati ed hanno bisogno dei biglietti aerei per raggiungere la scuola o di altre spese di supporto. Donate quindi. Per chi fosse interessato mi mandi un messaggio su messenger e gli comunico il conto dell'Associazione Glocal Cities che ci sta sostenendo!
Grazie!! UWC Iraq كليات العالم المتحد العراق

Glocal Cities is helping us.

Associazione Glocal Cities is helping in the fundraising process for the UWC Iraq National Committee, as it is founded and operated by UWC alumni as we expect most donations from Italy given our networks.

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