Help us train more Detection Dogs for Conservation!

By University of the Sunshine Coast

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Help us train more Detection Dogs for Conservation!

Dog lovers and conservationists, we need your support!

We need to raise money to rescue and train sniffer dogs to find endangered wildlife and assist with significant conservation efforts.

You can support us through a donation and by passing the message on to your friends and contacts (#SniffingOutSolutions).

With every new dog that we can train and deploy, an endangered species has more chance of being protected for the future and a dog has a new job in life.

We are a not-for-profit, so all the funds go toward detection dogs and conservation - and can be tax deductible.

Detection Dog "Maya" helping her human, ecologist Dr Cristescu, identify koala habitat

Why are we asking for help?

The problem: threatened species are hard to find, and we can only help what we know!

We need detection dogs to help us find rare, threatened species which are (by definition) hard to find, and therefore hard to protect.

Without basic knowledge on where endangered species live for instance, how can their critical habitat be protected?

Dr Celine Frere, geneticist and animal behaviouralist, with some recruits...

Sniffing out the solution

But even the rarest, smallest and most well-hidden animal cannot go unnoticed by man's best friend: the dog!

This is because dogs rely on odours to travel the world, and they have an exceptional nose.

A dog's nose can smell what we cannot see...

That nose can find whales under water, koalas hidden in trees or critters under the litter. Our imagination is the only limit: we can use dogs to help in so many ways - detecting plants and diseases is possible too!

Oh, our imagination, and the cost, too!

All funds we receive will go towards assessing and training dogs, and using them to find endangered populations of animals. Who knows, our dogs might even discover previously unmapped populations!

Sniffing up the trees...

Help us get our team up and sniffing!

We will start by contacting rescue groups and visiting animal refuges.


Because what makes the perfect detection dog - ball crazy, high energy, never giving up - often makes for a difficult family pet. This means that some potentially fantastic detection dogs often end up being abandoned.

Yet they can do so much for wildlife conservation!

With your help we can rescue more dogs!

Our team often has to assess dozens of dogs, and then the training can take three or more months. That’s quite a lot of work before the dog even gets into the field!

Once we have a great detection dog, we hit the ground so we can make a difference for wild animals where it counts: in their wild habitat. Our trained handlers and ecologists all work at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

We have already proven that field surveys done with our star detection dog Maya were 20 times quicker and 150% better than those done by humans!

But Maya can't do it all...

She needs more conservation detection dogs to give her a paw.

Maya needs a bit of help...

Note: After rescue and training, our dogs currently live with their handlers, where we try to achieve a good work / life balance. Although for a detection dog, work is actually the best time: they get to play with their beloved ball all day long!

Make a donation today!

We urgently need your help through a donation to enable us to:

  • assess many dogs to find the perfect candidates
  • train the dogs to detect specific odours (we will select our next detection dogs' target odours so that they will make the biggest difference for conservation)
  • assess the dogs scientifically so we know exactly how good they are
  • buy dogs stuff – food, tennis balls, toys, beds, safety harness and car belts, dog medications...
  • deploy our team in the field: only when we are outdoors, studying wild animals in their habitat, can we make a difference (so we have petrol, accommodation, etc. to pay)

If we reach our target of $50,000 we will be able to train one more dog, cover all its vet and food cost for 5 years and deploy teams in the field for four weeks.

With each $ above our target, we can get more time in the field, or rescue and train more dogs.

Donations of any amount are appreciated and ALL DONATIONS ABOVE $2 ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE

For the love of the Australian bush, for the love of dogs...

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By working together, we can achieve so much more...

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Team Members

University of the Sunshine Coast

Dr Celine Frere

Dr Romane Cristescu