Urgent Help for Alieu and his Family

By Manuel D'Auria

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Urgent help needed for Alieu Mbenga

My name is Manuel D`Auria. I live in germany and work as a professional social worker voluntarily with refugees. I am searching for help for one gambian refugee I was working with here in Germany. His name is Alieu Mbenga. He had to leave his mother country Gambia and therefore his wife, his mother and his four children (who are all depending on him alone). The reason why he had to flee is because he was seen with a homosexual man from europe (he himself is heterosexual). In Gambia homosexuality and anything connected to it is a crime according to the law. Somebody reported that to the police and they wanted to put him to the court. The clear result would have been the punishment of prison without any fair trial or chance to get out save. That is why he decided to flee. His way brought him through Lybia. There he had been kidnapped by some criminal mob. They forced him to live in a house somewhere in the bush where he had to face brutal physical violence and was forced to work for them. He and others were kept worse than animals. On the way to this place in the bush the kidnapped persons had to stay in the desert for few days not knowing what is going to happen to them or if they will survive. During this stay in the desert voices appeared in his head telling him that he is going to die. Over and over again plenty of different voices are telling him that he is going to die. These voices continued to follow him especially during the night all the time after this incidence right up to the present.

After some time in this terrible situation he was able to flee from there. He was able to make his way to Italy where he gave his fingerprints and got a place in a camp where he got very little money and a meal everyday (pasta basically everyday the same). After 8 month he was told that his time is over and that he has no place to stay and no other support anymore. He had to leave from this place and was forced to live homeless on the streets. After 3 months he was able to make the journey to Germany where he was tolerated for some time until the offical legal process was done (this took over 2 years and it was decided that he has no right to stay in germany and that italy is responsible to care for him). After that decision he was told to go back to italy. This is what he did. Back in italy he was told that he has no right for a place and any support of money or food so he was totally on his own. He got in contact with someone he knew who was living outside of Foggia in the bush in a small cellar with several other refugees. This is where he is staying since he left germany. He is under bad physical conditions with only very little food as he has no money and no chance to work.

During his time in germany he had a good job where he was able to earn enough for himself and his family. After he was told to go he had no chance to continue this work anymore even though his employee was very happy with him and would like to continue with him if he is allowed to work again. I personally went with him to a doctor to search help for his physical and psychological problems. He has sometimes great pain in his knee. This was solved through medication and treatment from a doctor. His psychological problems where analysed by different professionals who all attested him the need for propper treatment (they also attested him that he can be also in danger of suicide if he would have no chance to get the necessary treatment and that a hopeless situation in italy could force such a reaction). This means he would have to stay in a psychological clinic for some weeks to get intense treatment and afterwards regular sessions with a psychologist (wich would have allowed him to work also beside). He got also some medicine wich did help to ease the intensity of the voices in his head.

Right now in italy he has no access to all of this before mentioned necessary treatment and medication. This is why I urgently search for propper help for him. Italy does not seem to offer him any chance so the only solution for Alieu would be to come back to germany to try again. The chances to find work and earn enough money for him and his family are much bigger in germany than italy. Also the necessary psychlogical treatment is much more likely in germany.

We are searching only for about 1000€ (about 1200$) right now as we need to cover the costs of Alieus journey back to germany (about 450€ / 533 $). In addition we need to support his family in this extremely hard times as they are totally depending on Alieu. The propper amount is 500€ / 590$ per month to cover all the costs (wife, mother and four children). They would be able to survive with not less than 200€ / 240$ for each month. Of course it would be a big blessing if we could raise more than 1000€ / 1200$. We cannot assume that Alieu will be able to start working in germany immediately after is return, so his family might be in constant need for at least some further 3 month (hard to predict how long it really will be).

He must get a chance for a better future in wich he is able to care propperly for himself and his family. By law human right standarts must be given to all refugees. Alieu Mbenga must receive propper help as soon as possible. We can make a difference in his life (and the lifes of his family). If we don`t do it, who else shall?

Heartical thanks and blessings to each and everyone willing to give some strenght!

Yours sincerely

Manuel D`Auria

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