Help Kurikindi's mother's community in the Amazon rainforest

By Kurikindi & Miriam

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Help Kurikindi's Mother’s community in the Amazon rainforest

Shaman Kurikindi of the Kichwa tribe in the Amazon Rainforest has been bringing health and loving guidance to people in the UK for the past 4 years. He has brought the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the Amazon to people from all over the world. Now an Elder, Kurikindi has dedicated his lifetime to bringing harmony to humanity and Mother Earth.

Many have heard Kurikindi speak fondly of his Mother and the teachings that she gave him. Right now, his Mother's community,the Kichwa people of San Isla,are facing a tragic emergency in the beautiful Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, one of the most bio-diverse regions of the planet.

For years, Kurikindi has been fighting to protect the ancestral land, the rainforest and its peoples. The Amazon has long been targeted by oil companies who want to take and exploit its resources. Now amidst severe Covid-19 restrictions and welfare concern, the Kichwa people and many other tribes living along the rivers, have had their land, water, and thus source of life poisoned as a result of an oil spill that happened in April 2020.

The Coca and Napo rivers run through the jungle. They are the primary source of water for washing, cooking and drinking, for fish to eat, and a means of transportation for the indigenous people. As a result of the broken pipeline, the waters are now thick with oil, which is bringing ill health and toxicity to the land and the people.

The Kichwa tribe, his mother’s people, are getting sick. Children’s bodies are developing sores and wounds. The water has become toxic and as it stands there is no support in place to provide them help.

For over half a century, big oil has contaminated the rivers and streams of the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon, creating a public health crisis in the region. […] Earlier this month, one of the biggest oil spills the Ecuadorian Amazon has seen in over a decade severely contaminated the Coca and Napo rivers. In the midst of a global health crisis, indigenous communities are in a grave situation.”

– Amazon Frontlines,

The threat is severe, to the survival of the tribes, to Mother Nature and to the abundant wildlife all around. This is an appeal to find a way to bring back harmony to the rainforest and its people.

The Amazon rainforest needs our protection.

The health of the forest affects the world, even those living far away, as our ecosystem is so interconnected. Oil companies and big business have been exploiting the planet for years, for their own selfish ends and with no regard to the environment.

Kurikindi has made extraordinary efforts to protect Nature and the Rainforest. Now his mother’s people are at serious risk, and they need our help. 

The Kichwa are guardians of the Earth, as are you. Your support will help restore balance for this tribe, for as many indigenous communities as we can support, for the Coca and Napo rivers, for the jungle, for their home. Realistically, the amount of money needed is unknown, until the river is clean and the land healthy, and the people can return to good health and happy lives.

This is a monumental task. The Kichwa by their nature have very little money, and so everything you give will be needed to help restore harmony, life, and natural humanity to one of the most fertile and abundant regions of the planet.

We need to do this quickly. The more oil that seeps into the ground the more death and disease will occur and the harder this will be to clean up. The faster we move, the more we can save. Kurikindi often says, the people that he helps he forever carries on his back, and now it is time for us to carry him.

With your support, we aim to:

  • Take action to clean up the Coca and Napo rivers and effected homeland
  • Urgently bring clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing
  • Bring food and resources
  • Provide medicines
  • Fund logistics and any necessary legal support required to help protect their Indigenous and Human Rights
  • Provide as much help as possible to other indigenous tribes in the affected area

This is an emergent project, and an emergency. As the situation unfolds, we aim to respond to arising needs. The action required is vast as we see it.

There are few communities left in the world who still live in their traditional way, with customs and lifestyles fit to their natural environment. 

And it is these people's understanding and teaching that has been called upon and is so helpful for many of us in the west, who live mostly disconnected from the natural world and the knowledge therein.

It is no small wonder that a man from a faraway tribe deep in Ecuadorian Jungle can touch so many people in ways beyond our comprehension, and yet that we silently cry out for, as the human heart yearns for what it cannot speak but knows is true. Kurikindi teaches of love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance and much, much more. We can all learn from the knowledge of the Kichwa, and if they lose their home, history, and understanding, humanity will have suffered a tragic blow.

Your reward for this is simple: you get to give back. What comes of that is what comes, but as Kurikindi once said: "You sow a seed on my land, you get to share in the harvest". 

Through careful tending we seek to return health to this land, to clean the water and bring strength to an ancient indigenous culture that has so much to teach us. This is the seed we sow together. Let's see to it that the jungle and its people recover from this disaster. 

May we act to bring back health and harmony to San Isla and the Kichwa people of the Amazon Rainforest.

Please help us with this appeal by sharing it on social media and any platforms you see fit. Thank you for your loving generosity. The interweaving of Kurikindi’s UK tribe and the people of the rainforest grows closer and stronger with every action taken. We thank you from our deepest heart.

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