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Unwrapping Prospects Trust Unwrapped

Opening this September in Ely, Cambridgeshire, a GREENgrocery, Refill Larder & Farm Servery supporting people with additonal learning needs gain qualifications and employability skills within their own community. Prospects Trust Unwrapped will provide local people a place to shop local, buy sustainably and remove single use plastic from their groceries.

But we need your help to fill our Refill

Over the past three months we have skip wombled, upcycled, repurposed and begged all the kit for our new shop. Our creative manager & a team of eager volunteers have created a shop to be proud of. Our farm team at Snakehall Farm have been sowing, growing & harvesting the best organic edibles. Our Farm Servery team have created seasonally based light bites. Our house blend loose leaf and our sustainable coffee beans are being roasted locally. We now need your help to stock the shop & fill up our Refill Larder.

Fill the Refill Appeal

Our first stock list is terrifying! We want to offer our yet unmet customers with a wide range of organic or local or eco products and produce to ensure they come and shop little and often. We are looking for our shopping community to help fill up our refill wall.

Fund the Fill and help ring our till

We are looking for some advance purchase power. Your money will be used to buy our first stock. We need to buy in bulk to erradicate the unnessary packaging, we need to store it perfectly and we want to limit the transport footfall. One big shop and we will be stocked (for September at least). Your money will be used to directly fill the Refill Wall with dried goods like rice and pasta, to help us slosh up the Liquid Refill Bar with shampoos & cleaning products and make our first month of trading a bit less terrifying.

And here is what we can offer in return:

1 Fully Stocked Prospects Trust Unwrapped Shop open and ready for business this September

1 new way to ditch the single use plastic and shop in a circular economy

20 adults with additional needs learning retail and catering skills

and 10% off Unwrapped purchases (not Pod Retailers) for all donors in the first full month of trading

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