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The main objectives of the Undocumented Womens Fund are: (1) identifying some of the most pressing needs of undocumented single headed households in NYC; (2) mobilizing existing resources to met those needs; and (3) providing direct financial support in areas where no other resources are available. Our initial goal is to distribute funds to at least 30 undocumented women. However, we hope that we can raise enough funds to increase that goal.

This fund is conceived as an entry point to develop long-term mutual aid systems, as well as to foster autonomous and gender-aware organizing processes lead by immigrant and undocumented women.

What's the Problem?

Undocumented women are among the hardest hit during the COVID crisis: they perform most of the unpaid care work that upholds their communities; face significant barriers to obtaining work; and, when they are employed, it is usually in low-wage, precarious and invisibilized jobs like domestic labor and care work. Furthermore, their immigration status limits their access to basic social services and has been used to exclude them and their families from any kind of relief.

At this point we are prioritizing undocumented women—and, specifically, heads of household— given the structural inequalities that affect them and the big gaps in the resources available to them we have identified. Furthermore, it is widely known that when women are supported, their entire community feels it.

We are aware many other immigrant and low wage workers find themselves in dire situations too. If we raise funds that exceed the needs of applicants that meet the original criteria, we would consider accepting applications by low-wage immigrant women more broadly.

The scale of the current catastrophe is such that there is no way for mutual-aid efforts to properly address the needs we come across on a daily basis. While we are working to develop mutual support systems from the bottom up, we would continue demanding the state to step up, rebuild the commons, protect labor rights, and guarantee equal access to basic resources for all.

Here is what we are doing about it

We are partnering with local grassroots community-based organizations, immigrant women led worker cooperatives and informal social networks that exist in immigrant communities to connect with women most in need. Some of the organizations supporting this initiative are (list in formation):

Domestic Workers United

Laundry Workers Center

LatinoJustice PRLDEF

Mixteca Organization, Inc.

Nene Alamo

Outlive Them NYC

Women´s Strike NYC

Street Vendors Project

**How to donate**

If you have paypal or venmo, please consider donating directly to the accounts listed in the banner at the top of this page.

Paypal: chaumtolihuq@gmail.com (choose the "send money to friends and family" option)

Venmo @undocuwomensfund (if you are asked for last four digits of phone number, it is 9349)

If you are donating via credit or debit card, then use the Donate button on this page. Please, be aware this platform holds the money donated via card until after the end of the fundraiser —one more reason why donations via paypal or venmo are preferable.

Furthermore, keep in mind every dollar you can donate to the fund makes a difference for undocumented women in need. In other words, there is no need to tip the fundraising platform — they are already making a substantial profit.

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