We are building our second school in Uganda!

By Impact Travel

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Impact Travel Inc. is a grassroots non-profit organization established in the United States to improve education in Nepal & Uganda by applying principles of engineering & entrepreneurship to provide a sustainable solution to a specific problem in a specific community.

History of Impact Travel

Our founders, Saroj Bhandari and Lanna Nawa, decided to create Impact Travel, Inc. after successfully collaborating with a variety of larger nonprofits in the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal in 2015. With the support of the Society of Nepalese in America and the Nepali Association of Connecticut, they organized several fundraisers throughout Connecticut, including “Run 4 Nepal Road Race,” a 5K race that generated over $10,000 in funds. Once the funding was secured, Saroj travelled to his native region of Sindhupalchowk, Nepal in order to obtain materials, organize laborers, and supervise the completion of the project to rebuild Shree Suryodaya Primary School over the course of 10 weeks. The Survivors, a nonprofit based in Nepal, facilitated this process by helping Saroj with some of the bureaucratic issues that arose along the way. Upon completion of the school rebuilding project, Saroj and Lanna were so moved by the impact of their work in Ramche that they decided to form their own nonprofit, Impact Travel, Inc., through which they will be completing other community projects in Nepal and around the world.

2017: Uganda

Impact Travel team completed a trip to Kirindi, Uganda on November 2017 to initiate primary school reconstruction project. St. John Deo Balabyekkubo Nursery and Primary School was built in 2007 & classes from nursery to primary five began in February 5th, 2007 with 104 students. The same school now has 308 students from nursery to primary 5 ten years later.

During our trip, we surveyed the existing school building & assessed the need of the new infrastructure with the community. We also met with the community such as the founders of the school, students, parents, local government council & teachers to understand everyone's role in the school. Everyone not only supported the project, they also were eager to help in any possible ways to build a school that would help shape the kids future in the 21st century.

Current Infrastructure:

Meeting with Parents:

Meeting with the Local Government Council:

Meeting with Teachers:



A complete primary school in Uganda goes from nursery to P7. Impact Travel is going to add two classes (P6 & P7) in the school and than rebuild the other classroom with community efforts.

Construction will begin on Summer of 2019 and it will take approximately three months to complete. We will be working with volunteers from across the globe, as well as local skilled workers such as stone masons, carpenter, and welders from Uganda to build the school infrastructure. Community of Kirindi will provide unskilled labor work at the time of construction.

The Impact Of Your Donations

100% of your donations will go directly towards labor costs and building material for the school construction. Our non profit Impact Travel founder, Saroj Bhandari will lead the project in person with his team by traveling to Uganda and overseeing the project. We will be providing progress report every two weeks once we start construction of the school.

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Team Members

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