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For almost 10 years, The Zeitgeist Movement has been working to help create relevant social change and the fruits of a post-scarcity society structured to bring out the best of the human condition. In this ongoing development, changing, updating and perfecting our methods and strategy is critical. As such, it is apparent that an update to the Movement’s web infrastructure is now critical.

The goal is not only comprehensive revision of our Global Websites, integrating them for better access and ease, but also to develop a powerful, new online chapter network that will relieve chapter coordinators of the financial burdens of hosting and administrative tedium. As of now, TZM’s 100s of chapter websites are detached and run locally and independently. With this new approach, the easy-to-use front-end interface facilitated via this new npo-hosted platform, will make managing a chapter site far easier, and with no cost to the chapter. This will reduce the stress of coordination, thereby freeing up volunteer time that could be better spent on other efforts.

As far as the Global Web revision, full dynamic and responsive integration of existing websites, improving community-based features, will allow us to grow and share ideas in a much more fluid, organic manner. This also includes dramatic improvement in SEO, security and data redundancy; improving overall integrity.

If you would like to help fund this promising new web development for the Movement, bringing the TZM international community closer together to organize and work towards a better world, then please contribute today.

Thank you for your help!

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