TSS meeting - against the logistics of exploitation!

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Help us raise funds for the Transnational Social Strike Meeting in Stockholm!

The Transnational Social Strike (TSS) Platform is a political infrastructure involving workers, activists and union members — women and men, those employed in factories, those who experience the normality of precarity, locals and migrants — in a political process against subordination and exploitation. It is a space of organization, communication and encounter that aims to politicize labour struggles and build the conditions of possibility of the transnational social strike.

The TSS is organising a meeting in Stockholm against the logistics of exploitation.

In the past years we have witnessed how logistics has reorganised labour and production generating new forms of exploitation and exacerbating the isolation of workers.

We have also witnessed a reality of widespread but scattered forms of insubordination to logistical command, which shows the possibility of its rejection.

But all this calls for new forms of organization!

it is to reflect on these new strategies that we will meet in Stockholm from the 23 to the 25th of November. The meeting will bring together participants from a number of countries : Italy, Greece, Georgia, Spain, France, Poland, Bulgaria, U.K., Sweden and more!

Together we will discuss possible avenues to develop and strengthen our platform, we will learn about existing struggles and those who are in the making: our goal is find a common way to struggle across different, but nevertheless interconnected spaces and sectors.

We are raising funds to cover the costs of the meeting, including transport and accomodation costs for those who are travelling from abroad. A wide transnational participation is essential to the development of our platfom and by helping us you will help us connecting the dots between people struggling for a common cause across many different spaces!

The meeting will run over two days and include a number of open panels and workshops, please have a look at our Fb event and program here!

Register here if you wish to join us!

Learn more about TSS here!

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Evelina Gambino

David Buzaglo Olofsgard

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