Trees for Kibira

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What's happening?

Joining forces with our friends at Common Man Coffee Roasters, we’re getting behind our partners at Long Miles Coffee Project in a powerful project aiming to extend the Kibira Rainforest in North-western Burundi. The proposed green belts will protect the exposed micro climates from increasing climate change affects, ensuring farmers’ future livelihoods through crop stability, including ongoing quality coffee.

Why we love Burundi

Over the past 5 years, we’ve been purchasing coffee from the team at Long Miles Coffee Project and have been excited to see the quality step up year on year. During harvest visits, we’ve also been inspired to see the positive impact that the team have been actively pursuing – and achieving – on the ground in Burundi. Along with being a reliable and transparent partner to the hundreds of farming families delivering to their washing stations, they’ve notably established their Coffee Scouts programme, providing invaluable agricultural support providing very tangible results for farmers through increased yields and quality.

The plot thickens

But Burundi is facing a severe threat with changing environmental conditions. Some projections show that within the next couple of decades, more than 60% of possible coffee land could be unfarmable. Wide spread clearing and intensive farming has exposed the coffee nurturing micro-climates to the increasing effects of climate change and resulted in poor soil health. With coffee making up 59% of export earnings for Burundi, you can see that this could be a terrible situation for one of the world’s poorest countries!

The Plan of Attack

The Kibira Rainforest is a 40,000 hectare high elevation rainforest running along the top of the Congo-Nile ranges which the coffee growing region of Kayanza nestles up against. Long Miles Coffee Project is partnering with the international Arbor Day Foundation ( to embark upon a reforestation project extending native species of the rainforest through green belts wrapping around and through the coffee producing communities of Kayanza. Simultaneously building soil health and bolstering the microclimates against predicted temperature change, these fingers of green will also provide fuel and crop support.

While the full reforestation is a long ranging vision, the initial stage is to establish a Forest Scouts programme and plant 15,000 seedlings in the coming 12 months. The Forest Scouts program looks at hiring local community members and equipping them with knowledge and skills in agronomy to empower them to establish and maintain the new green belts.

Help Reforest Burundi!

In this first stage of the project, we're hoping to raise $20,000 that, combined with fundraising from our friends at Common Man Coffee Roasters in Singapore, will help to plant 15,000 seedlings and establish a Forest Scouts programme.

If you love people, Burundi, coffee or trees (and that's basically everyone right?!), we'd love to get your support. Every little bit helps us move towards stablising the environment and therefore the livlihoods of hundreds of coffee farming families in Burundi.

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