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Trees In Newcastle (TIN) is a self-funded not-for-profit community organisation with its roots stretching out to the late eighties.

We have worked tirelessly over the past 28 years in promoting and protecting native Hunter flora through bush regeneration, land management, the development of a seed bank and propagation of local native plants. Combined with an active environmental education and volunteer program, we are a dynamic force in landcare throughout the region.

A bit of our history...

During the nineties we started community greening projects. Our first planting was in April 1990 on Park Avenue in Adamstown, near the Fernleigh Track.

In 1992, we started propagating our own plants instead of buying them and by 1999 we had moved into our current site at 252 Parry Street, Newcastle West. Since propogation began, we've planted over 1.9 million local native plants.

We also started professional bush regeneration contracts, adding to our suite of volunteer engagement, community projects in public spaces, supporting Work-For-The-Dole participants and running environmental education activities in schools.Two years ago, Newcastle City Council sold the land we've been utilising fo a community nursery and depot from which to base our roving landcare team and environmental services. We now have an exciting opportunity to set up on a bigger site and continue working to promote and protect Hunter flora.

The site is at Belmont Wetlands State Park, and right on the Fernleigh Track! We are excited to be supporting the work of the Friends of Belmont Wetlands Landcare Group and the Belmont Wetlands State Park Trust. There’s 549 hectares that were reserved in 2006 for public recreation, coastal environmental protection and tourist services.

The problem?

Moving is expensive! We need to turn this concrete slab into the most energy and resource efficient version of Trees In Newcastle yet. We need to create a safe, friendly environment accessible to our visitors of all abilities. This includes our volunteers, staff and members, as well as other community groups, students, and the broader community.

Trees In Newcastle belongs to the people and we need the people’s support at this critical junction so that we can continue to protect and promote our natural environment.

So far we've raised enough money to cover about a third of our fence, which has just been installed. This has left a bit of a dent in our bank account.

Our other priority needs include

  • Relocating our office and operations.
  • Building access ramps and shelter for our office and lunchroom.
  • Connecting power and water to the site.
  • Delivering inclusive community programs throughout the region, supporting not only our unique and vulnerable native flora and fauna, but also the communities that love these areas and live with them.
  • Developing education programs for delivery in and around schools, supporting our next generation of environmentally-aware citizens!

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