Working with miraclefeet to provide Clubfoot Treatment for Little Tobias

By Lana Mayes

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UPDATE 12/06/2016: Thank you for your interest in donating to Tobias’ clubfoot treatment, and the establishment of a new miraclefeet supported clubfoot clinic for the children of Nepal. While this chuffed campaign is now closed, we ask that you donate directly to miraclefeet here. If you indicate in the space “special purpose” that you are donating via Chuffed, miraclefeet can continue to track the success of our campaign!

Tobias’ story has come full circle! He was first noticed in the background of a feature report on Australia’s Channel Seven Sunday Night show. Who could have ever guessed that many months later, Tobias himself would become the focus of one of the program’s stories.

Clubfoot is a birth deformity where the feet turn inwards and down, usually in such a rigid way that they can barely be moved from that position. With the right treatment most cases are completely correctable.

NOVEMBER 2015: A little boy walking on twisted, untreated clubfeet was noticed in the background of a Channel Seven Sunday Night feature story. Word spread through 'Aussie Clubfoot Kids', a group of every day families supporting each other through their own children’s clubfoot treatment. Family after family watched the moving footage of a poverty stricken town in Paraguay, and paused 5:02mins into the clip to see the little boy move across their screens. Many recognised his condition immediately and knew that with treatment it didn’t have to be that way. These families expressed a heartfelt desire for the little boy to be given the same chance to access treatment that their children had received.

DECEMBER 2015: Determined parents began to seek out those who may be able to help. Established and reputable charities based in the United States and Australia along with their partner foundations in Paraguay, answered the call. Suddenly the seemingly impossible happened! The little boy – three year old, Tobias - was located.

JANUARY 2016: A team, including members of international charity miraclefeet and their partners, constructed a careful plan so that Tobias could be offered ongoing treatment for the four to five years it typically takes to correct clubfoot. Consideration was given to his living conditions, his family’s broader needs and how best the process could positively impact not only Tobias and his family, but also the community around him.

FEBRUARY 2016: Tobias received the first in a series of specialised leg casts to carefully unwind his feet into a corrected position.

APRIL 2016: The next phase of treatment began. Tobias transitioned into a bracing system which he will wear for 23 hours a day, for three months. Following that he will continue to wear his bracing at night for a number of years.

We need your help. What began as an opportunity to help one little boy has become a plan to help many more children like Tobias. If we raise AUD $15,000, we can help miraclefeet and their partners to not only support Tobias, his family and his community, but also to expand their services in Nepal with a new fully operational clubfoot clinic. This will change the lives of many more children.

We ask you to please give generously, and to share Tobias’ story so we can reach our goal.

Tobias – and so many others like him – deserve the chance to walk, run and play the same way any child does.

This is a story of COMMUNITY and we invite YOU to be a part of it. For a breakdown of how the funds raised will be distributed, please contact Lana directly. Please note Lana is an individual person co-ordinating this campaign. She is not a gift recipient certificate holder and therefore donations are not tax deductible.

Watch the moving story in which Tobias was originally seen, here.

Tobias is receiving treatment based on the ‘Ponseti Method’ which is considered the gold standard of treatment for Clubfoot.

Purchase a copy of the parenting book 'Trust Your Melody' at a reduced price of $24, and author, Lana Mayes, will donate $15 to Tobias on your behalf. Go to and use code 'TREATTOBIAS' at shop checkout.

Purchase a copy of the children’s clubfoot book ‘Leroy’s Boots’ for $18, and author, Lauren Christie, will donate all proceeds to this campaign. Email [email protected] to secure your copy.

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