Translation of Krzysztof Charamsa's book, "La Prima Pietra"

By James B. Nickoloff

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On October 3, 2015 a high Vatican official named Krzysztof Charamsa, a Polish priest, held a press conference at which he announced that he is a gay man and in a relationship with another man. This was especially big news because Monsignor Charamsa had been appointed by Pope John Paul II in 2003 to serve under Cardinal Ratzinger, then head of the Vatican’s most important doctrinal committee, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). Fr. Charamsa had also been teaching for many years at several Vatican universities. After his announcement he was immediately dismissed from all of his positions in the Vatican.

Because I was impressed with the tone of his remarks at the press conference, I contacted Krzysztof Charamsa by email and then by phone and persuaded him to come to Boston in July 2017 to speak at the Dignity Convention where I met him in person (photo attached). Those who heard him can attest that he is a person of profound integrity, enormous intelligence, and deep spirituality. Most importantly to me (and, I believe to the rest of the Church), Fr. Charamsa has written a book in which he argues that while the Catholic Church officially recognizes that faith and science are not contradictory, in practice the Church treats them as if they are in opposition to each other. Looking at his own experience as a gay man and member of the Church’s highest doctrinal committee, he also argues that unless the Church can face the truth of human reality (as made known to us by science) and move beyond hypocrisy, the Church has nothing redemptive to offer the world. In other words, he alters the ancient maxim “outside the Church, no salvation” to read “outside honesty and reality, no salvation.”

Fr. Charamsa’s book was originally written in Italian and has been translated into several languages—but not yet into English. Naturally, his insights will only be widely accessible if the book is published in English. That is why I am asking for help: the cost of translating the book will be about US$ 7600. (This campaign for $5000 is only the initial goal and can be extended.) I am looking for support from those who might have the means and the desire to see this book appear in English.

Feel free to share this information with others who might be interested.

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