Transforming Social Justice on Willy St

By Social Justice Center

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Some Context

The Social Justice Center was founded in 2000 after a massive effort from the community, and today the organizations in the SJC serve over 25,000 people in Dane County annually. We want to transform the SJC and make that number even higher by allowing our current groups to thrive and welcome new nonprofits into our family. We want to provide more access to the community, expand our art gallery program, install state-of-the-art IT capabilities, and make room for the Mutual Aid Workspace (MAW), a co-working space with shared equipment and software and a library of things. Picture a vibrant learning community, demonstrating abundance through cooperation and cool new hub of creativity and activism in the Willy Street neighborhood.

But there's work to do

Over the past 18 years, this building has been home to numerous community organizations--and the building has gotten a little worn down in the process. Some organizations, such as the Tenant Resource Center, have outgrown their current office space and need to expand to continue serving an ever-increasing clientele, while others, such as the Dane County Time Bank, need to upgrade and redesign their space to fit specific needs. We need to revitalize this space to better suit the needs of the current SJC tenants and the needs of new nonprofits and cooperatives looking for space to get their projects off the ground. But renovating the building is a massive undertaking, and the SJC can’t afford to do it alone.

That’s where you, our community, comes in.

We are about halfway through the renovations, and need to raise money through donations in order to keep our rents affordable. With your help, the SJC can continue to improve in serving the community. The renovations will cost around $250,000. With the financing available, we will just be able to cover construction bills, and if we are going to transform the Center into a hub of activism and creativity with more community involvement, we need additional support to sustain us. We believe we can raise $50,000 from within our own community and launch our efforts to turn this vision into reality. 

You can join us

Any amount you can provide will make a difference. The Social Justice Center is passionate about being an incubator space, a gathering space, an art space, a makerspace, a space to access resources, and a space where everyone is welcome and supported in their community. Together, with your support, we can make this dream a reality. 

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