Toongabbie Christian College - Fundraiser for MAF

By MAF Australia

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We believe everyone deserves hope, including the isolated.

It’s hard to imagine the crippling fear that comes with an emergency in a remote community. Seeing a loved one become dangerously sick, or undergo a severe trauma, and knowing that a hospital is a day’s walk away, is not something we’ll probably ever experience.

But for many of the communities that MAF serves, this is a regular occurrence. The MAF plane turns a day’s walk through harsh jungle into just minutes, saving thousands of lives every year.

This year, Toongabbie Christian College is joining together to fundraise for MAF Australia. 

Each class will participate, striving to raise the most money as a class to help those in need in remote communities.

Join us by sponsoring your chosen class, and help bring hope to the isolated communities of the world. 

To find out more about MAF Australia and their work, you can find out more on their website.

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