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A little bit of context

Rwanda is a country of thousand hills that has suffered a lot form the Genocide against tustsi of 1994, but now is working hard to create a safe environment and new opportunities for its citizens . There are certain vulnerable families and children that need to be treated and supported in order for them to have better well being and to work towards a bright future. Empowering vulnerable families is a good way to give them better future and allow them to get opportunities. Such is the case of women and children who are most suffering from lack of health facilities .

Faith Victory Association (FVA) works with vulnerable families especially women and children in different areas of Rwanda.

Now is implementing integrated nutrition ,water, hygiene and sanitation in Kayonza district , where it works to improve nutritional status of women and children under5 years , to empower them and help change their future and their family’s future.

But there’s a problem

In Rwanda 54 % of households have access to an improved, unshared toilet facility. 29 % of households use an unimproved facility, with the majority 24 % using a pit latrine without a slab or an open pit. (RDHS 2014-2015). that is why FVA would like to contribute to the toilet accessibility within 40 families .

Here’s what we’re doing about it

FVA has conducted campaigns to raise awareness of the people on the importance of possessing improved toilets. Two sectors have been covered and 25 households have been supported with Iron sheets.

Once we get 5000$, FVA is able to facilitate 40 households to get improved toilets where each and every family can get 5 bags of cements and 2 iron sheets with others materials like nails and sand and trees to construct improved toilets.

like the family of MUKABATSINDA a widow living with her 2 grand-children but have no toilet. The kind of toilet they have is just a pit with 2 trees up that pit which is in the bush around her shelter.

This toilet is not safe for children and it causes diseases and timely illness for children and other family members.

You can join us

FVA would like to support 40 families with improved toilets in order to enjoy good health and reduce time and financial means spent on health care.

And here’s some amaziing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

FVA have supported 25 families with iron sheets to construct their toilets but 25 families are like a rain drop in the sea.

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