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About us

The Asia Pacific Greens Federation’s mission is to work in every country in our region to build strong Green movements, based on democracy, sustainability, justice and peace. 

These movements speak truth to power, are proudly political, and fiercely defend the natural environment and the communities who rely on it.

Our Federation exists to serve our people and our planet. We speak for those who cannot or are prevented from speaking for themselves. 

We act for those who will come after us, to build thriving communities and nourish a healthy environment for them to pass on when the time comes.

Our Federation includes national and regional Green parties across the Asia Pacific and Middle East region, consisting of 13 full member parties in Australia, Bangladesh, India, Iraq, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Taiwan. The APGF also includes emerging political parties, known as associate members, in Atjeh Province of Indonesia, Fiji, Indonesia, Jordan, Solomon Islands, the Philippines and Palestine. The combined membership of the Federation numbers over 50,000.

Our challenge

We have spent the last decade building a solid foundation for our work. 

We have strategic, operational and fundraising plans. We have built multiple networks throughout our members including our women and youth networks, and across the world through the Global Greens. 

We have developed, piloted and rolled out programs.

We have made a real difference for our members and we know we can do more.

But the funding opportunities available to us are incredibly limited. We are predominantly funded by our elected MPs who tithe part of their income as their recognition of the importance of global solidarity. We receive a small amount of membership income. APGF also receives some funding from the Australian Greens.

But due to the nature of our work, we are excluded from many forms of grant based project funding. We are also ineligible for tax deductibility status. So we are incredibly limited in our opportunities for funding.

We run on the smell of an oily rag, and we’re good at that. But we have projects ready and raring to go and we need more help.

Our strengths

We are good at what we do but we need your help to do more.

Our Gender Equity Training program has already been delivered in India with a pilot and we aim to train a further three member countries in the next 18 months. .

The She Will Run campaign which aims to mentor and support women candidates ran in South Korea and we are now working to run similar projects in India and other parties throughout the region.

Our women’s mentoring program is now in its fourth year with over 20 mentoring pairs and an alumni of women in leadership roles in their parties. 

Our Congress is planned for 2022 and we want to make this one our best yet. Congress is critical to the growth of our organisation and we know the friendships forged there last decades.

Your help

Our aim is to deliver six more projects in the next year. We know that our members have limited opportunities for development so we need to be ready to go when they are.

This is a critical time in human history and we need to ensure that strong progressive political voices have every support they need.

Please join our campaign today and #TogetherWeRise

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