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By John Steward

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Hello - You are one of many who joined me in this project in 2017 when you made your gift or showed your interest. I begin with excerpts from the Nov 25th Media Release of Senator and Minister for Foreign Affairs the Hon Marise Payne.

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Australian Government reiterates its commitment to ending violence against women and girls in all its forms. (It) is a grave violation of their human rights...(and) a threat to peace and security, driving inequality and costing billions.

Today also marks the start of 16 Days of Activism to End Gender Based Violence, a global campaign to galvanise action to end violence against women and girls. The Australian Government ... supports women's movements and human rights defenders advocating to stop violence before it begins. We work with local communities to develop and deliver programs to transform attitudes that normalise end harmful practices...

My Response:
Violence be-devils our world; in the media we daily hear words of concern and

urgency – and rightly so. TO LIVE WELL & DO WELL reflects my passion to confront and challenge violence. With your help and prayers this educational and personal Study Guide is shaping as a contributor to the underlined aims above.


From John Steward:

The amazing stories of change in the award-winning book From Genocide to Generosity (Langham Global Library, 2015) invite us to look at our ways of coping with the effects of discrimination, betrayal, sadness, loss, violence and denial of rights.

In 2018 you can use this study in a small group using a 10-part, on-line guide created for readers of the book. The free package TO LIVE WELL & TO DO WELL will be available on

The study guide will be available to all who own the book and/or register to facilitate it. They will be given a PIN to access to the package that includes:

* Facilitator’s Guide – script and video explanation of the process & content

* Study guide – sheets for ten sessions, with video introductions by the author

* A feature recording of famous Rwandan singer Jean Paul Samputu and his journey from drugs and despair to forgiveness and freedom

* Links to other videos about Rwandans and their recovery from genocide.

This guide is useful for any group of people who speak English and want to think about the value of understanding themselves and living in hopeful ways.

Violence is right at the heart of the human condition. The miracle of forgiveness in Rwanda opens space for profound reversals. Such people, who forgive the ultimate loss and create empathy instead of conflict, are incredibly challenging for us all. This is a profound book.

                   Rev Tim Costello, World Vision Australia.


We are grateful for every contribution. It reminds us of the words of Helder Camara in 1976:

"Like my dear brother,

Martin Luther King,

I have a dream...

When one person dreams alone,

it is only a dream.

When we dream together,

it is only the beginning of reality."



A little bit of context

Our world struggles to find peace. No nation has worked to resolve its troubled past like Rwanda.

The book Gen2Gen (From Genocide to Generosity) tells amazing stories of change, recovery and new hope among Rwandans, both survivors and perpetrators of violence.

But there’s a problem

Just as it was true for some Rwandans after 1994, we can be afraid to face our inner fears, and we don't know how to correct our failures and recover from our losses. We are not able to ‘be the change we want to see’ (Ghandi). The Rwandans who have made great steps forward into a peace-filled life can teach us.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

WHAT? The stories in Gen2Gen contain some great principles of change, ways that can show us how to move forward.A few amazing Africans will take you into their world so that we can change our world. We aim to make that possible by this project.

HOW? By creating a free, on-line study guide for you to explore the book and gain practical ideas to inner peace and to bring it into our outer world. The ideas will work best when you work with others in a small group.

WHO? Our team includes Dave who masterminded the UN award-winning website ; he also created the website and will keep it in shape for this study.

Simone is seeing to it that messages flow on Twitter and she stays alert to your messages and responses on Facebook.

Jonathan (of SALT Videography) will record and edit the videos, and make them lively & interesting. You've already seen his work on this site and he also created the video with a conversation about the book cover on

John is the author of Gen2Gen, an award winning book. For 20 years he has kept his eyes and ears on Rwandans and their journeys of change. John is writing the scripts for the videos and the buck stops with him on the contents of the study guide. Stay tuned.

WHAT ELSE? The Team are volunteering considerable personal time on this project. The money raised will pay for the video production and website work. Because that will take time, funds received (your gifts) will be held by an independent body: the Langwarrin Vineyard Christian Fellowship. The Langwarrin Vineyard Treasurer will disperse the funds as the technical work is invoiced.

               You can join us and so become a part of the Team.

We need your energy and zest to assist in raising $6,500. With the money we can film and produce 5-minute introductions for each of the twelve discussion sessions. The material we develop will link directly with the book Gen2Gen, which individuals will need to purchase in paperback or e-book (or get in early and earn a copy or two as a perk).

We will work hard to keep production costs reasonable and aim to complete the study guide by late this year and make it available on-line free of charge in 2018.

We depend on you to catch the excitement and invite all your friends by twitter, email, phone call, to contribute. And talk about it, bring this project into your conversations.

We now need only 30 gifts of $50 to reach the target. GIVE NOW!

The excitement commenced on May 14 when we launched the Campaign with the help of famous Rwandan musician Jean Paul Samputu. We heard about the kind of personal change which the study guide will facilitate. We had Sudanese, Sri Lankans, Indians and Aussies - all of them excited about the idea. Samputu donated his music and we plan to use it in the footage.


And here’s some amaziing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without

Whatever your gift:

You’ll be notified when the videos and study questions are placed on

$50 Free copy of the award-winning book From Genocide to Generosity – hatreds heal on Rwanda’s Hills.

With free pack & post.

$100 Two free copies of the book

Free pack & post.

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Team Members

John Steward

Dave Fullerton

Jonathan Dawson

Langwarrin Vineyard CF

Simone White