Tiny House Warriors: Resurgence Edition

By Seb Bonet

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The Tiny House Warriors, led by Secwepemc mother, birth keeper, and traditional tattoo artist Kanahus Manuel, are going big by going small. Providing housing to Secwepemc women, girls, and elders, the five-and-counting Tiny Houses are re-establishing a village site for Indigenous resurgence, collaboration, and resistance in Secwepemc Territory.

From this very village site -- living in five Tiny Homes -- the Tiny House Warriors have resisted the Transmountain Pipeline Expansion, as well as the construction of an industrial “Man Camp”. While the Tiny Homes have been instrumental to this resistance, the project was never simply about stopping the pipeline.

So, what's next?

Tiny House #5... which will build critical infrastructure for Secwepemc to engage in the beautiful and challenging work of resurgence. Your support can make this happen.

What is Indigenous Resurgence, anyway? It’s about looking to the past, living in the present, and creating a future in which Indigenous people can thrive.

Resurgence is about re-establishing relationships:

1) Relationships with the Land -- gathering berries and medicines; hunting salmon, and moose, and maintaining a spiritual and physical connection to the lands and waters;

2) Relationships with one another -- gathering in ceremony, relearning and speaking the language, honoring elders, nurturing those in need, reestablishing communal roles and responsibilities, transmitting knowledge between generations, and;

3) Relationships with other Indigenous Peoples -- skill sharing, exchanging ideas and goods, and supporting each other in their unique yet interconnected struggle for their very lives.

You can join this powerful and necessary work by giving a gift today to build Tiny House #5. Whatever you can truly afford is so deeply needed.

This Tiny House is being built in honor of resilience through crisis and moments of regeneration. It is being led by the daughter of Art Manuel and granddaughter of George Manuel, alongside her sisters Mayuk and Snutetkwe, their aunt Ida Manuel, and extended kin and supporters.

Join this burgeoning resurgence and give a gift, today!

P.S. For a very brief history from The Secwepemc Assembly, click here.

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Volunteer: tinyhouseuvic@gmail.com

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