School Lunch Program

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School Lunch Program

Change a child's life today

Timpir is a small independent NGO from Adelaide, South Australia. We aim to promote health, education and development in South Sudan with our main focus to support two schools with over 1300 students. 

Right now South Sudan is experiencing a severe food crisis. The cost of food has risen astronomically making it extremely difficult for families to keep their children in school. 

We know that keeping kids in school is the best thing that we can possibly do to ensure that they have a brighter future.

By supporting our school lunch program you can be directly responsible for keeping a child in school through the most difficult period of the famine.

Through our food program we aim to reduce child marriage and support girls to stay in school longer through more educational opportunities. Boys are also at risk of being removed from school to help provide for their families during the famine. 

What are we doing?

We are running a school lunch program for students for the next 3 months. Our goal is to raise $16000 to cover the cost of food for all 1300 students at our Mabok and Waramoth schools. 

What makes us different?

There are very minimal admin costs. Our local Aussie team generously offer their time for free and mothers in the school communities volunteer to cook the food. We have a dedicated and passionate team both here and in South Sudan who ensure your money goes directly to the schools and lunch program.

How can you help?

A donation of just $100 helps us cover the cost of food for 1 school for a day. But any bit helps! For the price of a cup of coffee you can cover the cost of one students lunches for an entire month!!

Please tell your friends, colleagues and family about us! Check us out on Facebook or our website at


  • Please note: for tax deductible donations please donate offline see for details and don't forget to let us know so we can add your donation to the crowd campaign! :) 

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