Help keep TIMESHIP #39 on the road!

By Delta Collaborative

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TIMESHIP #39 is a museum from the future. About the environment.

The future that we, co-captains Elena Ricciardi and Emma Yip, come from is war-torn, polluted, and corrupt. To say the least. But our organization, Delta Collaborative was able to acquire a time-traveling school bus and travel back to 2018, in the hopes of creating a better future. Now, we use the TIMESHIP to travel from town to town across America, sharing stories about today's social and environmental crises, participatory exhibits, and inspiring messages about how to change the future.

We focus on Middle America.

We believe a great injustice has been done to Middle America (that huge geographical terrain that includes the Midwest and South). Here, corporate lobbying by oil and coal have spread misinformation and lies to create an atmosphere of anti-environmentalism. So we choose to spend our time in these places that aren't often perceived as "environmentalist."

We don't preach. We don't argue. We ask questions and we empathize.

And through this, we have learned a lot. We've learned that Middle America is massive and diverse, and that communities base their views on the environment on things like jobs, tradition, pride, and religion. But most importantly, we've learned that these views are not wrong. They are often times at odds with the environmental narrative that comes out of urban coastal areas, but who ever said that America could only have one environmental narrative?

We have found that through challenging assumptions and asking questions, communities can turn anti-environmentalism into something different. Something that is locally specific, rooted in their values, and brought forward by community members. We don’t try to tell people what that looks like. Instead we try to motivate community members to advocate for change amongst their peers. And maybe, this is how we can come together to address shared concerns about the environment, justice, and our future.

We've already had 3,000 visitors.

Since May, 2018, we've opened the museum 53 times in 18 different states (Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida). Over 3,000 people have already come onboard the TIMESHIP to view the museum, and across all geographies, we’ve had overwhelming support. Small towns across Texas and New Mexico were excited to see the TIMESHIP come to their homes, just as pipe-fitters and coal blasters in Wyoming and North Dakota were eager to talk about what environmentalism looked like to them. We’ve seen teachers from North Carolina and Georgia enthused about the idea of incorporating environmental art into their curriculums, and retirees from Florida get reinvigorated to engage in civic action within their neighborhoods. Creative and diverse change is needed now more than ever in this country, and Middle America is ripe for grassroots local activism.

TIMESHIP needs your help.

In addition to a new flux capacitor, we also need new tires. Over the next year, we would like to focus our museum openings in these states: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Every dollar donated goes directly towards helping make that happen.

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