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Poverty, child abuse, neglect, mental illness, substance abuse, homelessness, isolation and marginalisation - real and confronting issues in Australia, with implications for families, communities and the general population. 

Hardest hit are our kids...

When parents are busy addressing so many complexities, their capacity to provide positive interactions, necessary for children's healthy development, is significantly impeded.

Music builds brains and bonds...

At PaKT4Change we're on a mission to help more families make Time2Sing so that children whose parents face extra pressures can still experience the benefits of quality interactions and stimulation. Music ignites all areas of child development and helps to build essential skills that drive a child's education and general life achievements. Even more importantly, music nurtures and scaffolds relationships by providing opportunities for fun, sharing, healthy physical contact, comfort and soothing between parent and child, all necessary for a child's overall health and wellbeing. 

Give that they may groove...and grow!

Your donation will enable a teenage mum, a dad with mental illness, a homeless mother or a kinship caring grandmother to access support through our PaKT4Change Time2Sing services.  Through attendance at a weekly support group or through our outreach home visiting service, parents and carers will build new knowledge, new confidence and new joy as they learn to sing, play, dance and 'be' with their child in a postive, developmentally enhancing way. 

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