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Who are we?

Thoughtful Foods provides organic, local and minimally packaged produce at an affordable price. Whilst we are largely able to do this as a member-owned and not-for-profit food co-operative that is 100% volunteer-run, anybody and everybody is welcome to shop.

What’s this campaign about?

We have just had to relocate shop due to development works. This is proving to be a very expensive exercise and the new shop space needs a lot of work and infrastructure to make it functional. Amidst the chaos, we think this is the perfect opportunity to make it shine brighter than ever.

We are replacing our dusty old boxes and barrels with attractive, compact, convenient, user-friendly and food-safe drop-feed containers and scoop bins.

We need your support to make this happen.

What’s our goal?

We want to fit out the new shop with drop-feeds & scoop-bins for all our food products. This will cost at least $9500 for the extra containers we want to buy on top of the refurbishment costs we budgetted for. (These are not your ordinary containers! See picture above).

The more we raise, the more containers we can buy and the closer we get to realising an amazing new store.

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