Think About That - November 8!

By Luke Skinner

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Something to think about...

Local hip-hop artists are coming together to put on affordable live entertainment for the youth of Perth, at HQ Leederville.

The youth of Perth need more positive entertainment and fun, alcohol-free environments in which to enjoy it.

On November 8 expect edgy, intelligent and thought provoking performances from some of Perth's most under-rated artists.

HQ provides the perfect venue, we've got the perfect music and right people.

In a world where everything is 'user-pays', the youth and people on low-incomes often miss out on the best entertainment.

That's why this will be low cost - gold coin entry - so everyone can come!

But we need your help to fund it!

We've done the sums, booked the acts and taken the financial risk to put this on, now we're hoping you will help us cover the costs.

Putting this event on is going to cost about $1,850.

The breakdown for this is as follows:

$500 - Venue Hire
$100 - Poster Design
$150 - Poster & Flyer Printing
$1100 - Artists & Special Guests

As artists ourselves, we firmly believe in making sure everyone who performs gets paid. That's another serious issue we wish to address in the Perth live music scene; non-payment of artists.

There are nearly a dozen performers stepping on stage, including feature guests, and fair payment has been negotiated with all.

Who’s putting this together?

Hi I'm Luke, aka Shareef from Selekt Few.

Myself and Percuss, the other MC in Selekt Few, have a long history of putting on gigs and events to meet the needs of niche communities.

We've been performing locally for several years now, and have noticed a serious lack of opportunities outside of the 18+ bar, club and pub scene.

We want to change that, not just for youth but for the artists too!

We can pull this off because we know there is strong support for this idea within both the local Hip Hop community, and the wider community in general.

The need for more positive opportunities for kids to get together and have fun away from the influence of alcohol and drugs is well known.

And that is exactly what this will be.

Positive, fun and entertaining.

No matter what your thoughts heading into HQ on November 8, we guarantee you'll leave with plenty of new things to think about.

Please support it!

Extra Funds?

Any funds raised in excess of the $1850 target will go toward putting on the next one of these events - up to a total of $3700 raised - which would cover the entire cost of putting on two events.

Any funds raised in excess of $3700 or via donations on-the-day (once costs are covered), will be distributed to local not-for-profit organisation/s.

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Team Members

Luke Skinner

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