Help us send Colombian youngsters to University!

By The Stories of Love Movement

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Taking matters into your own hands!

Thank you for acknowledging the fact that the right to education should be executable for all and that together we can choose to support each other when our governments and systems of ´equality´ fail to do so!!

The project The Stories of Love Movement is a social and educational project with the aim to support and mobilize young individuals in Colombia who are contributing something valuable to their community.
These youngsters come from a low socio-economic background where money and opportunities are scarce, leading to the continuation of poverty and the loss of many great minds. With this project, we hope to give them a fair chance at life and guide them in becoming future agents of change, able to tackle the challenges in their own communities! 

The initial aim of this campaign is to raise €4800 to pay a year worth of university tuition fees for 8 of our students (€600 per student.) Should we exceed this amount, then we will use the extra money to create a stable study environment for the students so that they have a safe space with reliable internet where they can work on their studies, and we will save to fund next year's tuition fees.

A little bit of context.........

Rosita Paulo is the founder of The Stories of Love Movement and also identifies as an educator and an anthropologist with the passion to help people and to see them thrive. She highly believes in the 'pay it forward' principle and sees it as her duty to thank everyone who has helped her on her path by helping others in return.

In 2017, she met the participating students and their families while she was doing fieldwork in San Pablo. It was there were she was so mesmerized by the motivation and creativity of the students and their eagerness to create a better future for themselves and their communities. The youngsters seemed to have very workable solutions to the problems that they are encountering in their communities, and education then, can serve as a gateway to new ideas and reflections which the students can use to mobilize their communities.

San Pablo is a rural community in the northern part of Colombia. Though it is filled with many passionate people, the presence of poverty makes it very difficult for them to create structural solutions to the challenges in their community. The inability for many people to go to university to acquire valuable knowledge and skills and to be able to get better paying jobs, makes it difficult for people to better their lives and to create more growth opportunities for the community.

With this project we hope to improve the self-reliance of the students and their communities. By working together with local partners as well, we hope to strengthen the communities and increase the feeling of a shared responsibility for their futures.

Towards a sustainable project

Together we can empower our youngsters to pursue their dreams and help us create the world in which we would like to live in!!

Join us!

Help us create future global agents of change by donating to our project and by helping us organize different fundraisers! 

Stay connected:

Please visit our social media pages to learn more about the project and follow our students and the process of their work and their development.  

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Team Members

Rosita Paulo

Edna Moreno