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Things don't make us happy

Society is currently focused around amassing individual wealth and material consumption, neither are proven to provide happiness, and both lead to environmental and social degradation.

Research shows people need people! We also thrive when we're learning and playing. We all need things to help us learn, play and get stuff done but there are many things we don't need to own because we can't use them all the time.

Live More, Own Less

We're going to create a vast library of useful things (LOT) in a friendly space where our community can borrow things and learn how to use them.

There are LOTs all around Australia and the world, it's about time for one to open in Newcastle!

Our aim is to get people spending less money on stuff they don’t necessarily need to own, reduce waste eventuating from the disposal of unwanted things, reduce our carbon footprint by enabling access to local resources near our homes and workplaces and using less of the planets resources, and connecting more to the community.

The Share Shop is going to be co-located at Shed 11, 50 Clyde St, Hamilton North with a bunch of other community oriented groups, it'll be awesome!

Come Share With Us

We're looking for a minimum of $2000 from this campaign to get the shop up and running. Money raised through this campaign will go towards:

Fitting out the Share Shop - we will be recycling and reusing material where we can and working with other community groups to undertake the fit out keeping costs low but we'll need a few things like rated racking that we think we might need to purchase.

Buying useful things - we are building our inventory through donations, however, experience from other Share Shops has shown that some things people really want to borrow aren't frequently donated. We also need to buy some useful things to help us in the Shop, such as bags for particular things to be loaned in, shirts for our volunteers.

Running the place - part of this campaign is the opportunity to pre-purchase your Share Shop membership, the membership fees will ultimately cover our running costs, things like insurance, testing and tagging of equipment and rent.

You can become a Share Shop member through this campaign or choose other perks!

We're building the Share Shop for the people of Newcastle because we love our community and our planet.

Your support through pre-purchase of membership or other perks not only helps open the doors, it will also give us a good idea of the level of interest in the Share Shop.

Our perks all support local business and we've aimed to keep them as environmentally friendly as possible. We've included a couple of shopping bag options made by Upcycle Newcastle because it makes sense that if you're keen on sharing you're probably a conscious consumer too.

When you pick a perk or donate, please share with your friends as this is proven to increase contributions significantly!

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Team Members

Emma Thomson

Bob Adams

Briohny Coglin

Leanna Pugliese

Merrin Dimmock

Sian Bishop

Trevor Stuart