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What is LYLAS?

LYLAS - Love ya like a sis - started as a brainchild of 2 besties in a post-grad slump, looking to build meaningful friendships and community around feminist ideals… and booze. We're committed to creating more cross industry collaboration on feminist issues through meetups, community building, and authentically happy happy hours. Who says networking can't be fun?

Why did we start LYLAS?

As we get deeper into our professional careers, our skills and interest tend to match in granularity, especially when success in our society means finding a niche. Naturally, the people we tend to surround ourselves with also match those interests whether it be co-workers, classmates, or friends. While we think those connections are meaningful and should exist, we also want to break down those walls.

Instead of industry specific networking events plaguing your inbox, we’re committed to reaching across industries and causes because women’s issues and women themselves are not one-dimensional.

At LYLAS we wanted to create a space where true collaboration can flourish. To us collaboration can mean anything from developing passion projects, fostering lasting connections, or simply getting drinks after work together. More importantly, we wanted to create a fun space for women to gather. Our members are already busy doing amazing things on their own. They deserve to be a part of something fun and meaningful at the same time, all while being surrounded by like-minded women.

What has LYLAS accomplished so far?

  • In the past 4 months our NYC chapter has grown to 100+ members and we are only continuing to grow as well as gaining interest in other cities.
  • On August 2nd, 2018 we hosted our first happy hour with a turn-out of 30+ women, and have kept up that momentum into our September, October, and November happy hours.
  • The LYLAS Lab partnered with the Flatiron School to host a Hack-a-thon on October 20th, garnering over $1,000 in granted funding.
  • Our Vote Viral Campaign launched after the midterms to continue the conversation surrounding our electoral system.
  • We have developed partnerships with local women owned and managed bars in which we are hosting our monthly Happy Hours, as well as organizations and companies that span across multiple industries to foster collaboration.

How can you help LYLAS?

Up to now we’ve been functioning at the graces of kind people who have been allowing us to use their space for free or donating their time and expertise (and our own pockets!). We would love to have some seed money to help with overhead costs and give us more flexibility with planning events. If you’ve been looking to support your local girl gang here is your chance with us! Really any amount helps us and if you can’t donate we would also happily take any contacts you think would be interested in the work that we are doing!

Where can you find what's next for LYLAS?

If you're interested in joining or seeing what we're up to next, find us at our website

Also follow us on instagram @_loveyalikeasis to check out who we have partnered with and our Vote Viral campaign.

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