The Hummingbird Project- Refugee Support and Solidarity

By Elaine Ortiz

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Welcome to The Hummingbird Project


We are a community led, grassroots organization based in Brighton on the South coast of England. We work in partnership to promote a coordinated response to the refugee crisis.

Until late October last year our volunteers ran dedicated services inside the 'jungle' camp in Calais. These services were a medical clinic, building group, tea kitchens and The Hummingbird Safe Space for unacompanied minors. We worked with our partners Refugee Youth Service and Medicin Sans Frontier to implement safeguarding and care for young people.

Now we work in Brighton and in London working with young refugees who have made it to the UK. Many present with trauma and feelings of loss. Most have lost family members, friends and communities and they now have to start the difficult process of claiming asylum in the UK. We offer 1:1 support to young people and group sessions in order to help welcome them, introduce them to new friends, offer our specialist support and make sure they have an advocate for legal matter.

We rely on your donations to keep us going! Your donations make sure that we can pay for skilled workers and the running costs of our services.

Thank you for keeping us going.

Much Love

The Hummingbirds <3

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