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We can't do this without your help! Your contribution can make a real difference, no matter how big or small.

Thanks folks!

The Exodus Project. The story

After spending months watching the terrible news everyday and given the awful situation, in April 2016 , we decided to volunteer for 1 week in Chios, Greece. Thanks to our generous donnors, we started working on the front line, volunteering at the landing of the many refugee boats crossing the Aegean from Turkey to the eastern coast of the island.

Search and rescue: The landings.

Through the CESRT (Chios Eastern Rescue Team) and in partnership with the rescue team of the SMH (Salvamiento Maritimo Humanitario), we worked long hours and put many a dry sock on wet feet, warmed up people with emergency blankets, gave hugs and lifts to families, listened to people's stories and made them feel welcome.

(Below: the remains after a "landing". some of the dinggies actually crash against the sharp rocks of the Chios shores)

(freezing at night and very hot with no wind during the day... a poor soul is trying to get some rest at the Port. )

The camps

We also volunteered in the 3 camps of Chios: Vial, the hotspot, a detention center, Souda and Depethe.

(below: The basque kitchen volunteers)

After 1 week assessing the situation while volunteering, besides the landings and the camp management issues, the lack of mapping of vulnerable population, legal presence, counselling and documentation was striking. No one could care about what was going on in Europe because no one knew... On what was supposed to be our last night on the island we made the decision to stay and help on the legal and organizational front. Thanks to the amazing people we met on the island (refugees, locals and volunteers alike), we set up a mobile and international team of highy skilled professionnals: Translators, journalist...

We are now willing to travel from camp to camp, shore to shore, from one country to another to provide mapping of vulnerable populations, help, support, legal explanations, organizational and crowd management, consulting and documentation.

The Exodus Project. What we do and why

At that stage, through CESRT and SMH, our project is recognized by Praksis and the UNHCR, the major NGOs (NRC, Save the Children, Samaritan's Purse, the Red Cross...) and the European and local authorities (EASO, Frontex, the municipality and the Greek national police on Chios).

We are currently setting up a legal framework for our organisation and we need funding to keep on helping those in need at a larger scale.

Because this massive and global crisis is not only based on the failure of governments or institutions but also of what the humanitarian landscape looks like since the second world war (massively funded NGOs who receive the authorization to work on the field because they follow processes, rules of engagement and guidelines as well as some political rules and decisions), we, independant volunteers now have to take over everything that is left behind. On Chios, we are working on numerous Praksis/UNHCR missions on the field, and we are aiming on doing so in every camp, shore or border we meet:

  • Mapping of the vulnerable populations (pregnant and breastfeeding women, unaccompanied minors, elderly population, sick and disabled people, people victim of psychological violences or torture, rape victims...)

  • Registration of these populations (to avoid trafficking )

  • Legal information (setting up information points on each camp + mobile information)
  • Humanitarian reporting and broadcasting of the information (photos, videos, articles...)

(below: hunger strikers in Vial who sewn their lips together )

  • Crowd management in and outside of the camps (below collaboration with Frontex in Vial)

  • Distributions organisation (below: funnelling and stamping at a food distribution in Depethe)

  • Setting up local councils within the refugees ...

You can follow us and our missions here:

Thanks to your help and support we have already done a lot...

Why we do not want to work for the major NGOs

At that stage, the major NGOs have already or are pulling out of the detention centers in protest against the conditions of the UE-Turkey deal, leaving thousands unattended refugees behind.

The people stuck these facilities only have independant volunteers like us to count on.

Today, we need your help to do more, on a larger scale.

The plight of the thousands of refugees now stuck in all these countries is always our minds and we aim to help in any way possible, everywhere, at all times.

The teams

Below: The A team. They are, the Project Exodus

Below: One of our partners in this journey, the amazing SMH team

Below: The night shift at the Port

Every one of you can help us make a difference...

Thank You

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