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Having a Baby is a Big Deal

Choosing to welcome a new person into this world to love and care for is a big deal. Becoming a mom is one of the most formative events in any woman's life. It's wonderful, exhilarating, and also can be stressful.

Some Moms Go It Alone

Many moms have great support networks. Loving and supportive partners or their own parents to love and guide them into motherhood. But that's not every mom's story. Lots of moms are alone and don't have the means available to them to pay for a trained and certified Doula to walk them through and prepare them for the big day.

What The Doula Fund Is Doing About It

At The Doula Fund, we believe that any mom who wants one should have access to a trained and certified doula. Doulas do hard, valuable work and we believe that they ought to be paid for their efforts.

But cost should never be a barrier to doula care.

How You Can Join Us

Your generous donations will go directly towards providing doula care to deserving young moms who would otherwise have no other support.

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