The Community Band Room Needs A Home!

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Music is a thread woven through every culture. It creates the most beautiful human tapestry. It surpasses race, gender and age. We all deserver the opportunity to be a weaver.

I've heard the same story 100 times.

Like this. I knew from a young age that music spoke to me in a way that nothing else would. I joined a band class in school as early as I could. My parents bought me a recorder and I spent months learning the basics until my instructor informed me that I should play the trumpet. I begged my parents to buy me a trumpet and Finally! I got to start playing some real music. After about a year I realized that this just wasn't what I was looking for. I was a jazz guitarist in my heart. I put the trumpet in a closet and begged for that first guitar. At this point we simply couldn't aford another instrument. I got my first job and spent years working until I finally bought my first guitar. I realized then that I was way behind in my education and became discouraged. The guitar now sits in the closet next to my trumpet.

Time and Tone

Instrument Experience Program

I'm going to solve this problem by allowing all ages to experience as many instruments as they want. Once they find the perfect way to express themselves I'll set them up with the instrument of their choice along with a scholorship for private lessons to help get them started. I'll be there every step of the way. If you need rehearsal space for your band or quartet... I'll have the stage ready. If you need a live demo to give to your first venue... I'll be ready at the sound board. If you're ready to show off on T.V... The cameras of MOstly Music (local T.V. and YouTube channel) will be ready make you look your best. I'll be here from First Contact to First Album!

You can make it happen!

Every dollar we receive will go toward creating the best grass roots music education program in the country. We have a dedicated volunteer staff. We have the support of hard working musicians. We have a vision for the future of the musical arts in every community. All we need is a home! This fundraiser will allow us to aquire the space we need in order to accelerate our current programs and extend our reach in the community.

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