The Serenity Project 2017 - Fashion Show for... (find out below)

By Serene Singh

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A little bit of context


Hosted By: The Serenity Project

First annual runway show featuring models that have persevered through life's most difficult challenges. These models have found their unique beauty and will serve as inspirations to the greater community.

March 22, 2017 – The Serenity Project 2017 is a volunteer based program aimed at encouraging recruitment of models from three amazing groups for this year’s show: candidates may include those who have adapted their lives due to special needs or have recently acquired or are recovering from a disability, candidates who may have faced the loss of a parent, challenges of a blended family, adoption or foster care systems, and candidates who have endured an abusive relationship battling to overcome as survivors. The Serenity Project is open to all candidates who feel like this project could help them- after all, that is the goal: no matter what story brings you to the Serenity Project you will always be the hero of your story in our eyes and as the hero we will work together to embrace, encourage, lift, empower every beautiful heart because our community and our society so rarely celebrates all of you.

The name Serenity Project was chosen because “serenity” means "to bestow reign upon someone else." This Project’s aim is to make inspirational women who are not our society's typical models feel as though they are worthy of any goal, dream, and aspiration they have. In a society that seems to have a “checklist” on beauty, we actively challenge that notion.

The event offers candidates between the ages 13-30 to model and shine on the runway as a wearing their choice of either ethnic Indian wear or donated pageant/formal fashionable clothing.

All the models will have the opportunity to share their story on stage. The models will be given the chance to learn modeling techniques from Colorado modeling coaches and pageant queens from across the country. All models will be featured in this year’s program book, have the opportunity to perform an optional talent or speech of their choice on stage, enter into a variety of other optional activities for awards, and finally, sashay their beautiful, confident, and empowered selves on the runway before a live and excited audience. Each girl will walk away from the night with hopes, lifelong friends, tools and resources to build confidence, and the opportunity to have an experience of a lifetime.

We will have an area for vendors and sponsors from across the community to promote their products and services. All the donations for this year will be used to make next year’s show bigger and better.

The show is entirely voluntary and non-profit based. We will work with any community members who want to be a part of this celebrated event. Please feel free to contact us with any comments, donation inquiries, and questions at [email protected]

But there’s a problem

The show is entirely voluntary and non-profit based. We are starting from nothing and we are working our way up to make this project as big and incredible as it is meant to be for all our beautiful models. They deserve this experience of a lifetime and we are here to give it to them!

And here’s why supporting us is so important...

- Plenty of incredible people to network with! We will have girls from 4 different pageant systems representing Colorado attend the show including some National Queens too!

- You will have VIP seating the day of the show should you choose to attend!

- You could be part of the Documentary that Colorado Film School will be making on the Project!

-You can watch a young girl YOU MAY KNOW who has persevered and remained empowered in life finally have her time in the spotlight.

Perhaps the most important one...Giving these girls the reality they have dreamed of for so long - to be a model for a fashion show. But perhaps more importantly, to prove to themselves and the world around them that there is nothing that can keep them from achieving their dreams and believeing in themselves. They are NOT defined by their story. THEY define their story.

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