The Rainbow Peace Flag Project

By Common Street Spiritual Center

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Our Mission

The Rainbow Peace Flag Project seeks to extend kindness and caring across national borders, with love that includes people of all sexualities, genders, abilities, religions, races, political views, and cultures, and to condemn acts of violence and hatred, embracing peaceful dialogue instead.

To hear more of the story of how the project developed, listen to our Podcast on Taproot. The Flag That Symbolizes A Growing Movement of Solidarity, Inclusion, Kindness and Peace

Flags, Magnets, Door Signs

During the COVID 19 pandemic, flags are available for contact-less pickup in Natick, MA and by delivery across the U.S. and globally. See below for details.

You can also download and print out (for FREE) our Welcome All Door Signs! (In PDF)

Notes on Our New Design

In 2019 we redesigned the flag to include four skin tone stripes representing the rainbow of humanity; we changed the letters from white to black in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement; we put all the colors side by side as a symbolic move away from hierarchy and towards equality.

Flag, Magnet, and Sign design by Artist Virginia Fitzgerald

How to Get Your Flags

We want to spread the movement as far as we can, so we are now offering delivery by mail. For delivery by mail, please contact us at to let us know. Because delivery really raises our costs, we do ask that you make a donation that includes delivery costs (it costs about $5-$7 to ship one or two flags domestically).

Also, we are actively seeking project partners in cities and towns around the country and the world. If you want to set up a chapter of the project in your area, and really grow this movement with us, please let us know. We would be happy to help coordinate an at-cost manufacturer-direct delivery of 1000 or more flags shipped directly to your door! Project partners join a network of mutual support as we build this movement for peace, love, and equality. They also have access to original printing files, are invited into our decision-making process, and empowered in other ways.

Check out this crowdfunding website or Common Street Spiritual Center's website for any updated information:

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Team Members

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