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The nature of the classroom is changing, and despite the best efforts of educators and advocates, those changes may not be for the benefit of all students. As a result of so many factors driving the socioeconomic makeup of our country - whether that be through segregated education or housing or financial status and everywhere in between - there are gaps between the students and the classrooms they learn in, further separating some the brightest and most creative students from their potential and the bright possibilities of their futures.

Now more than ever, for those of us invested in the futures of the youth, we have to challenge ourselves to look outside of the classroom for answers that can help close these gaps. The donors of the Pay It Forward Community Scholarship recognize there is more to a student than their GPA, and often we recognize that because we, too, were those students.

As a small group of individual donors, we can only do so much but we are still inspired to maximize what we can do for the students applying which also means doing what we can to maximize the size of the pool.

The ask: would you be interested in joining our pool of donors or matching a donation to be included in the scholarship?

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